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Location: Kenna Hall

Michael Castori, S.J.

Assistant Professor

In the course of his seminary training at Berkeley, Fr. Castori fell in love with Scripture and decided to make its study and teaching his life?s work. Having originally concentrated on the biblical texts themselves, he was inspired by the scholarship of Daniel Boyarin to shift his focus to the late ancient interpretation of the texts, i.e. to the formative writings of Rabbinic Judaism and early Christianity. At the heart of his teaching and scholarship is the desire to help heal the wounds of centuries of conflict and misunderstanding between Church and Synagogue.

SCTR 19 Religions of the Book
SCTR 48 Jesus the Jew
SCTR 119  Law in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
SCTR 134 Bondage and Freedom.

Selected Publications: (for a complete list, access CV here)

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