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Religious Studies department
Phone: (408) 554-2199
Location: Kenna Hall
Room number: 323C
Courses taught:
TESP 4 Catholic Theology: Foundations TESP 5 Christian Traditions RSOC 9 Ways of Understanding Religion RSOC 13  Religion and Modernity TESP 41  Christianity and World Religions TESP 46  Faith, Justice and Poverty TESP 140&nbs

Philip Boo Riley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

A native of Des Moines, Iowa, Dr. Riley discovered his future career in the heady days of the late 1960s, when the study of theology was broadening to include methods from the social sciences, culture studies, and literary criticism. As an undergraduate at Regis College in Denver, Colorado, Riley earned his B.A. in Inter-disciplinary Studies (1973), and then moved up to Hamilton, Ontario for graduate work at McMaster University in Religious Studies (M.A., 1975; Ph.D., 1980). His dissertation on Bernard Lonergan's method in theology informed the courses he developed in Catholic Theology and philosophy of religion, and led to collaborative research projects on Lonergan, including the founding of Santa Clara's Lonergan Research Center with Timothy Fallon (Philosophy).

Dr. Riley joined the faculty at Santa Clara University in 1978, and in 2003 returned to the Religious Studies Department after eleven years as Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and Vice Provost for Undergraduate Learning.


    Courses taught at Santa Clara University
          TESP 4     Catholic Theology: Foundations
          TESP 5     Christian Traditions
          RSOC 9     Ways of Understanding Religion
          RSOC 13     Religion and Modernity
          TESP 41     Christianity and World Religions
          TESP 46     Faith, Justice and Poverty
          TESP 125     Belief and Unbelief
          TESP 130     Liberation Theology
          TESP 140     Bernard Lonergan

Academic Appointments

        * Associate Professor, Religious Studies Department, Santa Clara University


        * Assistant Professor, Religious Studies Department, Santa Clara University


        * Acting Assistant Professor, Religious Studies Department, Santa Clara University


        * Teaching Assistant, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON



    Research Interests

        * Bernard Lonergan
        * Religious Studies Methodology
        * Philosophy of Religion
        * Religion, immigration and civic identity



    "Religious Studies Methodology: Bernard Lonergan's Contribution." Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies 12 (2 1994) 239-49.
    "History and Doctrine: the Foundational Character of Bernard Lonergan's Christian Philosophy." Religious Studies and Theology 5 (1985) 79-96.
    "Theology and/or Religious Studies: A Case Study of SR, 1971-1981." Studies in Religion/Religieuses Sciences 13 (4 1984) 423-44.
    "The Meaning of History: Leo Strauss and Bernard Lonergan on the 'Crisis of Modernity.'" Logos: Philosophical Issues in Christian Perspective 4 (1983) 71-100.
Joint Publications
    Edited with Timothy P. Fallon, S.J. Religion in Context: Recent Studies in Lonergan, College Theology Society, Resources in Religion 5. Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1988.
    Edited with Timothy P. Fallon, S.J. Religion and Culture: Essays in Honor of Bernard Lonergan S.J. Albany, NY: State University of New York Press, 1986.
Chapters in Books
    "Theology and/or Religious Studies: Bernard Lonergan's Option." In Lonergan Workshop, vol. 4 (ed. F. Lawrence; Chico, CA: Scholar's Press, 1983) 115-39.

Awards & Grants

    "Residential Learning Communities," The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, April 2000.


    Professional Memberships

        * American Academy of Religion
        * American Conference of Academic Deans
        * Association of American Colleges and Universities
        * College Board

    Vice Provost for Undergraduate Learning, Santa Clara University, 1999-2002.
    Associate Provost for Residential Education, Santa Clara University, 1997-1999.
    Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences, Santa Clara University, 1992-1999.
    Director, Summer Session, Santa Clara University, 1990-1999.
    Editorial Board, Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies.
    Steering Committee, "Lonergan and the Future" Seminar, American Academy of Religion.
    Editorial Consultant, Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan.
    WASC Proposal Review Committee.
    WASC Accreditation Site Visits.
    Seattle University consultation, 2000.
    University of San Francisco consultation, 2001.

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