Santa Clara University

Religious Studies department

Other Courses that Fulfill the RS Requirement

Second Course

  ANTH 56 Anthropology of Religion
  CLAS 65 Classical Mythology
  CLAS 67 Greek Religion
  CLAS 68 Ancient Roman Religion
  CLAS 119 History of Early Christianity
  ENGL 150A  Contemporary Literature: the Catholic Imagination 
  ENGL 161 Bible as Literature
  ENGL 189 Literature & Religion: Modern Perspectives
Literature & Religion: Finding Your Calling

Environmental Studies
  ENVS 160 Spirituality and Sustainability
  ENVS 161 Ethics of Environment, Agriculture and Food
  HIST 16 Ancient Greek Religion
  HIST 17 Ancient Roman Religion
  HIST 128 History of Early Christianity
  HIST 154A Ancient and Classical India
  HIST 154B State, Religion, and Gender in Medieval India
  HIST 157 Art and Religion of India
  HIST 158 Islam in the Modern World
  THTR 110 Medieval Theater: Performances of Culture

Third Course

  ANTH 150 Religion in Culture and Society
  BIOL 171 Ethical Issues in Biotechnology and Genetics
  CLAS 112 The World of St. Augustine
  CLAS 114 Religion and Imperialism: Roman Britain

  COMM 173 Media & Religion
  COMM 175A Theology of Communication

  ELEN 160 Chaos Theory, Mathematics & Limits of Science: An Engineering Perspective on Religion

Environmental Studies
  ENVS 162 Environmental Justice Practicum
  ENVS 163  Faith, Ethics and Biodiversity Crisis 
  ENVS 194 Faith, Ethics and Biodiversity
  HIST 103 History of the Jesuits
  HIST 114 Religion and Imperialism: Roman Britain
  HIST 117 State and Church in the Middle Ages
  HIST 121 Interpreting the English Reformation
  HIST 126 Conflicts in Medieval Christianity
  HIST 127 The World of St. Francis
  HIST 164 The Catholic Church in Latin America
Political Science
  POLI 139 Religion and Politics in the Third World
  POLI 183 Religion and Politics in the International System


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