Santa Clara University

Religious Studies department

RS Courses that Fulfill other Core Requirements

RS Courses that Fulfill University Core Requirements

Theme 1 - Laying Foundations

1 Religious Studies (First Course)
1 United States

RSOC 51 Religion in America

RSOC 111 Inventing Religion in America

RSOC 160
U.S. Catholics in American Culture

RSOC 164 Religion, Race and Ethnicity in America

RSOC 176 Religion in the Making of American Identities

RSOC 184 Race & Religion in the United States

TESP 46 Faith, Justice, and Poverty

TESP 47 Catholic Teaching in Contemporary Society

TESP 65 U.S. Hispanic Theology

Theme 2 - Reaching Out

1 World Cultures/Societies

Area Studies/Regional

RSOC 7 South Asian Traditions

RSOC 10 Asian Traditions

Religion and Culture Africa
  RSOC 19  Religion and Culture Egypt

RSOC 33 Maya Spirituality

RSOC 45 Muslims in America

RSOC 46 African Religions

RSOC 81 Islam

RSOC 82 Shia Islam

RSOC 83 Faith & Politics in the Middle East

RSOC 85 Hinduism

RSOC 86 Buddhism

RSOC 88 Chinese Religions

RSOC 115 Tibetan Buddhism: A Cultural History

RSOC 123R Religions at Silicon Valley
  RSOC 130
East Asian Buddhism

RSOC 130R East Asian Buddhism

RSOC 154 Islamic Jesus

RSOC 185 Gender in Asian Religions

RSOC 191 Religions of Colonized Peoples

RSOC 196 Church and State in Latin America

TESP 60 Hispanic Popular Religions

TESP 109 Hispanic Theology: Guadalupe

TESP 130
Liberation Theology


RSOC 11 World Religions

RSOC 190 Islam: Reformation & Modernity

RSOC 190R Contemporary Islam

Theme 3 - Integrating for Leadership


TESP 157 Ethics in the Health Profession

TESP 159 Ethics of War and Peace

Third Writing

RSOC 104 Looking at Local Religions

RSOC 179 Magic, Science, and Religion

RSOC 180 Religion in the Theories of Freud and Jung

RSOC 187 Ethical Issues in Asian Religions

SCTR 100 Biblical Poetry and Ancient Mythology Seminar

SCTR 101 Reading the Bible Today

SCTR 158R Postcolonial Perspectives on the New Testament

SCTR 165R Gender and Sexuality in Biblical Interpretation

RS Courses that Fulfill College & School Requirements

Arts & Sciences

1 Ethnic Studies/Women's & Gender Studies

RSOC 91 Native American Religions

RSOC 144 Gender, Body & Christianity

RSOC 164 Religion, Race, and Ethnicity

RSOC 168 Gender and Judaism
  RSOC 170R
Religion Gender & Globalization

RSOC 184 Race and Religion in the United States

RSOC 185 Gender and Religion in Asia

SCTR 26 Gender in Early Christianity

TESP 131 Feminist Theologies

TESP 162 Feminist Ethics



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