Santa Clara University

Psychology department
Matt Bell
Associate Professor Learning Psychology
Dr. Bell teaches courses focused on the basic science of psychology, including Introduction to Psychology and Learning. As a behavior analyst, his research focuses on remembering, choice, and stimulus control. Together with Dr. Simone, he runs SCU's Learning and Memory Lab which annually involves undergraduate research assistants in experimental design, data collection, presentation, and manuscript writing. And he likes rock & roll. Read the full profile »
Katerina Bezrukova
Assistant Professor Organizational Psychology
Dr. Bezrukova teaches courses in I/O Psychology and Statistics. She studies the things that divide team members as well as the things that bind them together, otherwise known as team faultlines. Her other interests focus on conflicts, health, diversity training, and intergroup relations. Read the full profile »
Kathryn Bruchmann
Assistant Professor
Dr. Bruchmann's research interests include social comparison and social-cognitive biases. She teaches General Psychology II, Social Psychology, and Research Methods. Read the full profile »
Jerry Burger
Professor Social Psychology
Dr. Burger teaches courses in social psychology, personality, research methods and writing. He conducts research on social influence processes -- compliance, obedience, norm influence -- as well as desire for control and attachment to childhood homes, among other topics Read the full profile »
Lucia Albino Gilbert
Professor Women's and Gender Psychology
Lucia Albino Gilbert, Professor of Psychology and Counseling Psychology, specializes in the psychology of women and gender with particular interests in women's career development and family-work life in dual-career and dual-earner families. Her current research focuses on women pursuing careers in nontraditional fields. Read the full profile »
Tracey Kahan
Professor Cognitive Psychology
Tracey Kahan, Professor of Psychology, is a cognitive psychologist who teaches courses in cognition,perception, research methodology, and sleep and dreaming. Her research investigates the similarities and differences between the waking mind and the dreaming mind, with an emphasis on metacognitive skills including reflective awareness (the monitoring and evaluation of one's current experience). Dr. Kahan's research interests extend to the relationship between emotion and cognition in dreaming (and waking)and the training of attention and metacognition via awareness practices such as mindfulness meditation. She is the director of the SCU Sleep Cognition Laboratory. Dr. Kahan will be on leave from SCU during the 2014-2015 and away from campus until the Fall of 2015. Read the full profile »
Robert Numan
Professor Behavioral Neuroscience
Professor Numan teaches Introductory Psychology (Psych 1) and upper division courses in Behavioral Neuroscience (Psych 165 and 168). His research studies the interaction of prefrontal cortex with hippocampus in memory formation. Read the full profile »
Thomas Plante
Professor Clinical and Health Psychology
Dr. Plante teaches a variety of courses including health, abnormal, ethics, clinical, religion/spirituality, and general psychology. His research focuses on the psychological benefits of exercise, faith and health, and psychological screening and treatment of Catholic clerics. Read the full profile »
Kirsten Read
Adjunct Lecturer General Psychology
Dr. Read is an experimental developmental psychologist. She teaches courses in introductory psychology, research methods, statistical analysis, developmental psychology and psycholinguistics. Her research focuses on language learning and development in young children. Read the full profile »
Patricia Simone
Associate Professor Neuropsychology
Dr. Simone teaches a variety of courses related to the relationship between the brain and behavior, including Psychopharmacology, Human Neuropsychology, and Behavioral Neuroscience lab classes. Her research interests are in cognitive aging and she examines memory and attention abilities in both younger and older adults. Together with Dr. Bell, they run SCU's Learning and Memory Lab which annually involves undergraduate research assistants in experimental design, data collection, presentation, and manuscript writin Read the full profile »
Kieran Sullivan
Department Chair Professor Clinical Psychology
Department Chair Kieren Sullivan teaches General Psychology 2, Abnormal Psychology, and Psychology of Relationships. Her research interests include the role of social support in intimate relationships, predictors of relationship outcomes (e.g., divorce), and relationships and health. Read the full profile »
Tim Urdan
Professor Education Psychology
Dr. Urdan teachers Psychology of Education, Developmental Psychology, Motivation, Ways of Knowing, and Statistics. His research examines student motivation, teacher behavior, and ethnic identity. Read the full profile »
Lisa Whitfield
Dr. Whitfield is a developmental psychologist who teaches our introductory psychology courses as well as child and adolescent development. Her research interests relate to school age children's cognitive development, specifically aspects of their executive function such as planning and attentional control. Read the full profile »
Emeriti Faculty

Eleanor Willemsen (2013)

Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

B.A. 1960 Stanford; M.A., 1962, Ph.D., 1965 Stanford 

Stephen S. Fugita ( 1990)

Distinguished Professor of Social Sciences, Emeritus

B.S. 1965 Ohio State University; M. S., 1968, Ph. D., University of California, Riverside

Roland C. Lowe (1968)

Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

B.A., 1957, University of Massachusetts; Ph. D., 1962 Clark University

Marvin L. Schroth (1966)

Professor of Psychology, Emeritus

B.A. 1959, University of Redlands, M.S., 1961, Washington St. Univ; Ph.D., 1965 Texas Christian University