Santa Clara University

Psychology department


Caitlin Castelino, Class of 2009
Speech and Language Pathology
Mrs. Castelino has just begun her career in Speech and Language Pathology after receiving her Masters of Art in Education from San Jose State University. Read the full profile »
Dr. Tara Cornelius, Class of 1999
Professor of Psychology at Grand Valley State University
Dr. Tara Cornelius graduated from Santa Clara and immediately enrolled in Western Michigan University's clinical psychology doctoral program. Upon graduation with her Ph.D. in 2004, she obtained a faculty position in the Department of Psychology at Grand Valley State University and has earned promotion and tenure, a significant accomplishment in the academic field. Read the full profile »
Alana Dulaney, Class of 2007
Doctoral Program in Applied Developmental & Educational Psychology
After graduating from SCU, Alana became a research assistant at SRI International in Education and Policy Division. In 2009 she moved to Boston to begin graduate school at Boston College's School of Education. Read the full profile »
Dr. Michael Feloney, Class of 1994
Doctor and Associate Professor in the Dept. of Surgery Section of Urology, at Creighton University School of Medicine, Omaha, Nebraska
During his time at SCU, Dr.Felony worked with Dr. Numan in his operant chamber lab. He also took the time to get to know and learn from the other fantastic faculty members at SCU. Read the full profile »
Sarah Gregg, Class of 2011
Situation Awareness and Strategies
After graduation, Sarah Gregg worked for NASA Ames Research Center as a research associate in the Airspace Operations Lab. The Lab developed and tested concepts and automated tools to help air traffic controllers manage more traffic. Her role was to develop questionnaires and assess how well the controllers used the tools that had been developed. Currently, Ms. Gregg is just beginning her first year of graduate school at Georgia Institute of Technology to earn her Ph.D. in Engineering Psychology. Read the full profile »
Alison Larson, Class of 2006
Elementary School Teacher
Alison Larsen is a loyal Bronco. After receiving her undergraduate degree, she earned both her California State Teaching Credential (2007) and her MA in Interdisciplinary Education from Santa Clara as well. Currently she works as a fourth grade teacher at St. Clare School. Read the full profile »
Joe Manns, Class of 1998
Assistant Professor, Emory University
After obtaining his undergraduate degree, Dr. Joe Manns attended graduate school at the University of California-San Diego and received his Ph.D. in Psychology in 2002. Currently, Dr. Manns works as an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at Emory University. In 2004, he married Sabrina Manns, another SCU alumni, at the Mission Church. In 2011, they welcomed their first child, son, Booker Manns. Read the full profile »
Dr. Katherine Seip-Cammack, Class of 2004
Postdoctoral fellow at The Rockefeller University.
Shortly after graduating from SCU, Dr. Katharine Seip-Cammack began graduate school in NJ through a joint program at Rutgers University/UMDNJ and completed her dissertation research at Rutgers? Center for Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience in 2009. Dr. Seip-Cammack is currently a postdoctoral fellow at The Rockefeller University and teaches college courses in the NYC region, which she loves. Read the full profile »
Megan Thompson, Class of 2007
Neuropsychology Research Analyst
Megan Thompson's work as an undergraduate in Santa Clara's sleep lab led her directly to a job as a neuropsychology research analyst. A psychology major, Thompson today examines the effects of HIV, alcoholism, and aging on the brain at SRI International, based in Menlo Park, California. She interviews participants, administers MRI brain scans, and conducts neuropsychological tests. Read the full profile »