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Faculty and Staff

Elsa Chen
Associate Professor
Elsa Chen teaches American Politics and Public Policy and is the Director of the Program in Public Sector Studies. Her current research focuses on criminal justice sentencing policy, including racial and ethnic disparities in sentencing outcomes and the effects of mandatory minimum sentencing policies such as California's "Three Strikes and You're Out" law. Read the full profile »
Greg Corning
Associate Professor
Greg Corning teaches international relations and comparative politics. His current research explores the politics of trade and investment agreements in East Asia. Read the full profile »
Jane Curry
Professor Curry's focus is on Eastern Europe and Democratization. Read the full profile »
Kenneth Faulve-Montojo
Kenneth Montojo primarily teaches international relations and comparative politics, with an emphasis on Southeast Asia, and dabbles with U.S. Politics. His current research explores International Monetary Fund and Philippine negotiations, Philippine energy deregulation, and monetary policy in the Southeast Asian region. Read the full profile »
Dennis Gordon
Professor and Department Chair
Dennis R. Gordon teaches courses in international relations, comparative politics (Caribbean and Latin America) and environmental politics. His past scholarship includes articles on conflict resolution, development, Caribbean politics. Read the full profile »
Eric Hanson
Winter Quarter Office Hours: T & Th 2-4 PM Education: Ph.D Stanford University, 1976; M.A.(Philosophy) Gonzaga University, 1967; B.A. Gonzaga University, 1966 Curriculum Vita: Eric Hanson (updated 9/2011) Read the full profile »
Matthew Harrigan
Matt Harrigan teaches courses in U.S. Politics, including Congress and the Presidency. His research focuses primarily on the U.S. Congress, namely the legislative behavior of its leadership and rank-and-file members and its intersections with other aspects of American politics. Read the full profile »
James Lai
Associate Professor
Professor James Lai's teaching and research interests and specialties include U.S. racial and ethnic politics, U.S. immigration, Asian American politics, urban politics, community studies, and California state and local politics. Read the full profile »
Naomi Levy
Assistant Professor
Naomi Levy teaches Applied Quantitative Methods and courses in Comparative Politics. Her main fields are Methodology and Comparative Politics, with a focus on South-Eastern Europe. Her research focuses on the role of schools in constructing identities in divided societies. Read the full profile »
Timothy Lukes
Timothy Lukes teaches political philosophy, American political behavior, and research methods. His research interests include the Italian Renaissance, American political culture, and contemporary political thought. Read the full profile »
Ben Lundgren
Professor Lundgren is a lecturer teaching Political Philosophy. Read the full profile »
Peter Minowitz
Peter Minowitz teaches political philosophy and helps run the Political Science Honors Program. Read the full profile »
Diana Morlang
Senior Lecturer
Diana Morlang teaches comparative politics with an emphasis on Europe and women in politics. She also is a university advisor in the Drahmann Center for Academic Advising and Learning Resources. Read the full profile »
Terri Peretti
Terri Peretti teaches constitutional law, judicial politics, and U.S. Politics. Her current research focuses on Supreme Court decision making regarding the electoral process. Read the full profile »
Patricia Pizzano Miraglia
Trish Pizzano Miraglia is a Lecturer at Santa Clara University. She specializes in the study of American Institutions, political communication, sports and politics, and legislative behavior with an emphasis on the U.S. Congress and the representative-constituent relationship. Her previous work has been published in such places as the Journal of Relationships Research. She is alumni of the University of Nevada, Reno and Northern Arizona University. Read the full profile »
Bridgette Portman
Bridgette Portman is teaching courses this year in American Politics, the Constitution and Equality, Women in Politics, and Research Methods, as well as a special topics course entitled Death, Politics, and Policy. Her research interests include American politics and political psychology, particularly the intersection of political ideology and personality. Read the full profile »
Peter Rozic S.J.
The Jesuit Legacy Research Scholar and Postdoctoral Fellow
Peter Rozic, S.J., is a Postdoctoral Research Scholar in political science at Santa Clara University since January 2013. Read the full profile »
Farid Senzai
Assistant Professor
Farid Senzai teaches Politics of the Middle East. He also teaches courses on U.S. foreign policy, international relations and comparative politics, with an emphasis on the Middle East. His current research explores U.S. democracy promotion in the Middle East, U.S. relations with the Muslim world and a national study of Muslims in America. Read the full profile »
William Stover
William Stover teaches international relations , international law, and a senior seminar on mass media in international politics. He also moderates the Model UN. His primary research focus is international conflict resolution. Read the full profile »
Pandora Fontes
Senior Administrative Assistant
Pandora is great! She is currently in the office from 9 to 5 every day. Read the full profile »
Eileen Bigham
Peer Advisor
Eileen Bigham is a Senior Political Science and Classical Studies double-major. Read the full profile »
Reid Wells
Peer Advisor
Reid is a junior political science major. Read the full profile »