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Spring 2015 Colloquium

Wednesday, April 29, 4-5 pm Alumni Science 120

The Physics Startup
(How to get millions of dollars to play around in the lab!)

Dr. Steven Deiker

Kairos Aerospace

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Silicon Valley is immersed in startup culture. The news and gossip around these companies forms a constant background in the media. Most of the startups we hear about revolve around software, but the same business culture is routinely applied to form science-based companies.

The knowledge, skills and problem-solving techniques physicists use on a daily basis are directly applicable to startups of all sorts. By combining these two cultures, rapid progress can be made on important and fascinating problems. We will discuss this cultural overlap and the opportunities it produces.


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Wednesday, April 15, 4-5 pm Lucas Hall 207

The Historical Max Planck

Dr. Brandon Brown

University of San Francisco

The Historical Max Planck colloquium 4-15-15


The German physicist Max Planck (1858-1947) is known as the father of quantum theory and his name adorns scores of institutes, endowments and now a scientific mission aiming to probe the universe's initial conditions. But one finds very little in the English language concerning his other work and his tragic, fascinating life. After digging through a variety of sources and archives, I offer a taste of both, including his interactions with Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler.



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