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Fall 2015 Colloquia

Monday, October 26, 4 pm, Daly Science 206

Dirac and Weyl Semimetals: a Chemist's Approach

Dr. Mazhar Ali

IBM Almaden

Recent discoveries of massless-Dirac fermions and Weyl fermions in solid crystals have captured attention beyond the condensed matter physics community. These relatively simple materials realize fundamental particles, normally the preserve of high-energy experiments like CERN. The resulting explosion of research allows for important contributions from materials scientists, chemists, and others. Here I will introduce and overview the field from a chemist's point of view, with detailed consideration given to three materials: Cd3As2, the first 3D-"Dirac" Semimetal, WTe2, a type-II Weyl Semimetal, and ZrSiS, a new type of Dirac material. These materials show exceptional properties including largest magnetoresistance and one of the largest electron mobilities ever measured. Other properties of these materials as well as their potential technological applications will be discussed.


Monday, October 19, 4 pm, Daly Science 206

The SQCRAMscope: Probing exotic materials with quantum gases

Dr. Benjamin Lev
Stanford University

Microscopy techniques co-opted from nonlinear optics and high energy physics have complemented solid-state probes in elucidating exotic order manifest in condensed matter materials. Up until now, however, no attempts have been made to use modern techniques of ultracold atomic physics to directly explore properties of strongly correlated or topologically protected materials. My talk will present the SQCRAMscope, a novel Scanning Quantum CRyogenic Atom Microscope technique for imaging magnetic and electric fields near cryogenically cooled materials. With our SQCRAMscope, we aim to image inhomogeneous transport and domain percolation in technologically relevant materials whose order has evaded elucidation.

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