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Grace Chesmore (Physics, '17) and Kyle Bandaccari (Chemistry, '16) operate the atomic force microscope at the SCU Center for Nanostructures to study organic solar cells.








New Classes - Spring 2015

PHYS 171 - Biophysics

PHYS 171 is a five unit course covering the following topics:   Diffusion and dissipation in cells; friction and inertia in biological systems; entropic and chemical forces; macromolecules; molecular machines; ion pumps; and nerve impulses. Prerequisite: PHYS 33.

Lectures will be held TR 10:20 am to 12 pm.

PHYS 192 - Physics and Society

PHYS 192 is a one-unit pass/fail course associated with the Physics Colloquium.  Successful completion of PHYS 192 and PHYS 103 satisfies the University STS Core requirement.  Prerequisite: PHYS 34.  

Colloquia will be held on Wednesday afternoons from 4 to 5 p.m.


Winter 2015 Newsletter

Letter from the Chair, John Birmingham

It has been two full years since our previous edition of the newsletter, and, as you might expect, there have been many developments and transitions over that time. In latest newsletter, you can read about faculty research efforts, meet new members of our department, and hear about the achievements of some of our graduates.
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