Santa Clara University

Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries


Santa Clara University's Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries is now offering courses in locations within the dioceses of Monterey. One location is St. Rose of Lima Parish in Paso Robles and other sites as determined by student location. The courses are taught as "hybrid" courses meaning that a portion of the course is taught in the classroom setting and a portion is taught online. 

For the Fall 2013 quarter, Professor Michael Castori, S.J. will be teaching a course entitled, Hebrew Bible. This course offers a study of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament as a historical document and theological text. This course will explore the meaning of the Hebrew Bible in its own day and what is its enduring message. 

Professor Castori will teach at our Monterey site at 485 Church Street once a month for the three months of the academic quarter and these three classes will be simultaneously broadcast at other Monterey sites. In between the three class sessions, the course will be conducted online. 


If you are interested you must apply and be admitted to the Graduate Program in Pastoral Ministries at Santa Clara University and you must contact Deacon Bill Ditewig at

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