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Program Delivery

Delivery of Classes

Classes are delivered in three modes in the GPPM.

First, classes are offered in the traditional face-to-face classroom experience. Students meet once a week in the evening for ten weeks in an assigned classroom.

Second, classes are offered in a blended format. On three Saturdays during the ten weeks of the course, students meet for an all day session in the traditional face-to-face classroom experience. For the remaining seven weeks, the students meet with the professor online in a live session (synchronous video conferencing) once a week. These courses take place in the individual homes or other chosen location of the participants.

Third, any class may be taken fully online. This option is open only to students who cannot attend a traditional face-to-face classroom. They must have the approval of the Director to take a course fully online. In this case, the student may join the traditional face-to-face classes through synchronous video conferencing as well as the weekly synchronous video conferencing for those courses that are offered in the blended format.


1.)You go to class.

2.)You go to class and talk with the professor and other students on your computer.

3.)You participate in class by talking to the professor and other students on your computer.


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