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Bachelor of Arts with a Minor in Musical Theatre

Course requirements: 

The Musical Theatre minor is a program offering experience and training in an art form that synthesizes the performing arts of music, theatre, and dance as well as aspects of the visual arts and literature.  Musical theatre, an important means of entertainment, social commentary and civic engagement both historically and in contemporary society, continues to have a part in Jesuit education that combines personal formation with practical application for life as an expression of “God’s Glory” in the world.  Specific objectives of this program include: entry-level proficiency for a career or further training in graduate school; the development and practice of audition techniques; performance of acting, singing and theatrical dance; and knowledge of the cultural history and various forms of musical theatre. Two tracks are available within the musical theatre minor.  The first is focused upon American Musical Theatre; the second is focused upon Lyric Theatre (Operetta/Opera).

Courses are the same except for those designated with *--American Musical Theatre (AMT) or with **--Lyric Theatre.  Classes in Bold are taught only every other year.



MUSC 1 Music Theory I (4units)

MUSC 1A Aural Skills I   (4 units)

MUSC 34 Beginning Voice         (4 units)

THTR 20 Acting I                    (4 units)


Two of the following:

DANC 40 Jazz I (recommended for AMT) (4 units total)

DANC 43 Ballet I (recommended for both)

DANC 46 Modern I (recommended for Lyric)



MUSC 115 Lyric Diction **        (5 units)

MUSC103 Music History/Romantic**  (5 units)

MUSC 153 Opera Workshop**  (5 units)

DANC 155 Musical Theatre Dance Styles*  (5 units)

THTR123 Acting Styles: Musical Theatre     (5 units)         

THTR 165 History of American Musical Theatre* ( units)                 

THTR 180 Musical Theatre Production*       (5units)


Private voice instruction is required for both tracks (may be taken at either the lower or upper division level)

MUSC 59/159 Private voice - Musical Theater *


MUSC 60/160 Private Voice - Classical **   (3 units total)

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