Santa Clara University


Bachelor of Arts with a Minor in Music

Course requirements:  A student working toward a minor in music, in addition to completing the University and College Requirements in their major, must complete the following courses in the Music Department:

Music Skills & Literacy
* Two courses from the Music Theory sequence
* Two Courses from the Aural Skills sequence

Cultures & Context
* MUSC 8 - Introduction to Listening
* MUSC 9 - Introduction to Electronic Music
* One Culture and Context course*

Experience Courses
* Performance Ensembles - a minimum of 3 quarters in any departmental ensemble
* Private Instruction - a minimum of 2 quarters in any of: MUSC 58/158, 59/159, 60/160, 61/161 62/162, or MUSC 30, 34, 35, 35A, 36 or 37

* One upper division elective course

*Note - All upper division Culture & Context courses also satisfy the Elective requirement for music majors and minors

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