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Student Organizations

Arab Cultural Society
To promote the Arabic heritage and culture. The organization seeks to increase the general public awareness about Arabs and to enhance a better understanding of the Arabic culture and ethnicity.

Advisor: Fayeq Oweis

Asian-Pacific Islander Student Union (APSU)
To promote fellowship and unity between Asian and Pacific Islander students and students interested in the Asian and Pacific Islander cultures. To promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Asian and Pacific Islander identities, heritages, and cultures. 

Advisor: James Lai

To focus on the Filipino culture and heritage at SCU. Loosely translated, Barkada means "a group of friends". Club members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural, social, and community service activities.

Advisor: James Lai

Chinese Student Association (CSA)
CSA welcomes anyone in the SCU community interested in learning more about Chinese culture and heritage through social and cultural activities. The club's goals include promoting cultural awareness, community service, and building a larger CSA family.

Advisor: Yujie Ge


Ethnic Studies
To promote intellectual interest and development in all areas of Ethnic Studies; to create a community of interaction for all who are interested in the field of Ethnic Studies; to support students in academic endeavors. The club is geared toward increasing communication between students and faculty in an effort to continue to develop a strong Ethinic Studies Program.

Advisor: Ramon Chacon

Friends of Guatemala (FOG)

Advisor: Dr. Lucia T. Varona

German Club
An association of SCU students interested in promoting the German culture, language, and activities thereby bringing interest to all things German on the SCU campus.

Advisor: Dr. Gudrun Tabbert-Jones

Honor Society

Advisor: Dr. Rose Marie Beebe

International Club
To welcome and incorporate international students and American students into the SCU community.

Advisor: Barbara Colyar

Italian Club
To provide an understanding and appreciation of Italian culture to the SCU and surrounding community.

Advisor: Dr. Tonia Riviello

Le Club Francophone (French Club)
To celebrate and learn about diverse cultures within the French speaking world and unite SCU students who are interested in French.

Advisor: Prof. Lucile Couplan-Cashman

M.E.Ch.A.-El Frente
MEChA stands for Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano Aztlan, to promote the preservation and development of the Santa Clara Latino/Chicano community. MEChA aims to create an environment conducive to the development of identity and awareness of the Raza student by promoting cultural, social, political, and academic consciousness.

Advisor: Pancho Jimenez

Muslim Students Association
To strive to increase awareness of Islam in the SCU community. Our goal is to promote unity among Muslims on campus and to promote friendly relations with all students and professors by hosting social, cultural and religious events.

Advisor: Philip Riley

Tempura Anime
To educate students about the deep culture of Japanese animation and to provide a fun means of practicing the language. We will also drive our quality by having interactive events beyond merely viewing.

Advisor: Daryn Baker

Vietnamese Student Association
VSA strives to represent the dynamic and diverse Vietnamese community at SCU. VSA encourages interaction and participation of any groups and individuals interested in increasing their knowledge of Vietnam and its culture. Through social and educational activities, we foster cultural awareness, leadership, scholarship, and kinship. We hope to inspire others to learn and appreciate the wonders of a country with such a unique heritage. Committed to unity, friendship, and happiness, VSA's impact will hopefully be felt during post college years.

Advisor: Pauline Nguyen


Club Highlight

Asian-Pacific Islanders Student Union

Asian-Pacific Islanders Student Union (APSU

To promote fellowship and unity between Asian and Pacific Islander culture. To promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of Asian and Pacific Islander identities, heritages, and cultures

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