Santa Clara University


Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Program Mission

The Liberal Studies Program provides students with an education in the Liberal Arts which is broad in scope, excellent in quality, and inclusive of the disciplines which are foundational for working with children, youths and community in social and educational settings. . Through the Bachelor’s of Science degree in Liberal Studies, we prepare future educators and community leaders who demonstrate ethical sensitivity, global awareness, and the critical thinking skills needed to evaluate “new” educational approaches in relation to relevant research. Our graduates have knowledge about and experience with children, are sensitive to their individuality, and will become strong and capable educational and community leaders. Faculty in our program are teaching scholars who model the kind of reason based, and yet compassionate and justice-oriented teaching we want our graduates to bring to children.

Student Learning Goals and Objectives

We will achieve the following goals as indicated by achievement of the objectives listed under each one.

  1. Graduates will have competency in the knowledge and disciplinary methods of all the areas of the Liberal Arts curriculum needed for being a liberally educated person.
  1. Graduates will develop an understanding of the social, cultural, ethnic, abilities, and gender differences in today’s urban education and community settings so as to be able to apply social justice in their assessments of and responses to today’s community, familial, and educational environments.
  1. Graduates will demonstrate that they are excellent problem solvers who can use critical thinking and perseverance born of ethical concern to better the learning environments and experiences for children, youths and families in their classrooms, neighborhoods, communities and the world.