Santa Clara University

Latin American Studies Requirements

  1. Foundational Course 1
    This course serves as an introduction to Latin American culture and civilization from the Native American experiences, through the Spanish Conquest, to the independence of Latin American nations. Students select ONE from the following:

    Anthropology 185
    People of Latin America
    Anthropology 186
    Perspectives on the Spanish & Native American Experience
    History 166
    Latin America: People, Empire and Nations
    Spanish 130
    Survey of Latin American Literature I


  2. Foundational Course II
    This course serves as an introduction to Latin American Culture and civilization by focusing on the formation in the 19th century of nation states and the forces shaping 20th and 21st century experiences. Students select ONE from the following:

    History 95
    Modern Latin America
    Political Science 173
    Politics in Latin America
    Spanish 131
    Survey of Latin American Literature II
    Spanish 137
    Contemporary Latin American Culture & Civiliations


  3. Language Requirement
    Successful completion of Spanish 100 or 101 (none of these two courses counts towards the seven required courses for the LAS minor), or equivalent Spanish or Portuguese language proficiency demonstrated by passing an examination given by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, or successful completion of one upper-division course in Latin American literature and culture taught in Spanish


  4. Four Elective Courses in Latin American Studies
    Four electives (at least three of which must be upper division) selected from three different departments. Only two electives can be used from a student's major. In lieu of one of the elective courses, Juniors and Seniors can design an independent study as described in the University Bulletin only if it is beyond the scope of a regular course on Latin America and with the approval of the Director of Latin American Studies and an affiliated LAS faculty.

    Anthropology 146
    Perspectives of the Spanish and Native American Experience
    Anthropology 185
    People of Latin America
    Anthropology 186
    Mesoamerican Prehistory
    Anthropology 189
    North American Prehistory
    Art History 48
    Native Arts of the Americas
    Art History 152
    Pre-Columbian Art: From Olmec to Aztec
    English 37
    Native American Literature
    English 154
    Studies in Native American Literature
    English 158
    Latin American Gay and Lesbian Cultures
    English 164
    Studies in Caribbean Literature
    Environmental Studies 141 Environmental Biology in the Tropics
    Environmental Studies 144 Natural History of Baja
    History 64
    Central America
    History 95
    Introduction to the History of Modern America
    History 160
    Mexico: Colonial and Early National Periods
    History 161
    Modern Mexico
    History 162
    History 163
    Cuba and the Caribbean
    History 166
    Latin America: People, Empires and Nations
    History 169
    Special Topics in Latin American History
    History 180
    Native Americans of the United States
    History 196
    Seminar in Latin American History
    Music 26
    La Musica y Cultura Cubana
    Political Science 136
    Politics in Central American and the Caribbean
    Political Science 136(a)
    The Political Structures & Processes in El Salvador & Central America
    Political Science 137
    Politics in Latin America
    Political Science 138
    Politics in Mexico and Brazil
    Religious Studies 33
    Maya Spirituality
    Religious Studies 136
    Religion in Latin America
    Religious Studies 139
    Mexican Popular Catholicism & Gender
    Sociology 135
    Women and Social Change in Latin America
    Spanish 112
    Mexican Culture
    Spanish 113
    The Revolution in Mexican Culture
    Spanish 117
    Latin American Literature and Culture
    Spanish 135
    Colloquium: Latin American Literature and Culture
    Spanish 136
    Contemporary Latin American Short Story
    Spanish 137
    Latin American Culture and Civiliazation
    Spanish 140
    Modern Latin American Literature I
    Spanish 141
    Modern Latin American Literature II
    Spanish 145
    Mid-20th Century Latin American Literature
    Spanish 146
    Contemporary Latin American Literature
    Spanish 147
    Cinema and the Novel in Contemporary Latin America
    Spanish 148
    20th-Century Latin American Women Writers
    Theology, Ethics & Spirituality 111
    Latin American Liberation Theology
    Theology, Ethics & Spirituality 149 Mexican Popular Catholicism & Gender
    Theology, Ethics & Spirituality 165 Romero & Salvadoran Martyrs


  5. One course on Latinos living outside of Latin America

    English 36
    Chicano/a Literature I
    English 140
    Chicano/a Literature II
    Ethnic Studies 20
    Introduction to Chicano/a Studies
    Ethnic Studies 121
    Chicano/a Families and Gender Roles
    Ethnic Studies 122
    Chicano/a Communities
    Ethnic Studies 125
    Latinos/as in the United States
    Ethnic Studies 126
    Latina/o Immigrant Detention & Incorporation in the Age of Terrorism
    Religious Studies 12
    Latinos and Lived Religion in US
    Sociology 190
    Immigrant Communities
    Spanish 133
    Mexican American Literature and Culture
    Theatre 14
    Chicano/a Theatre
    Theology, Ethics & Spirituality 60
    Hispanic Popular Religion
    Theology, Ethics & Spirituality 65
    U.S. Hispanic Theology
    Theology, Ethics & Spirituality 109
    Hispanic Spirituality: Guadalupe