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Council of Chairs

The Council of Chairs is an advisory body to the Dean of the College - a community of academic leaders for the College. The Chairs and Directors of the academic departments and programs of the College constitute the Council of Chairs.  The Dean consults the Council for advice on policy and process matters.

The Council meets with the Dean and the Dean’s staff twice a month during the academic year.  Chairs and Directors represent and advocate for their respective academic units, and consider the common good of the College and the University as a whole. They exchange best practices among themselves for the benefit of their students, faculty, staff, and programs.

Meeting discussions range from operational and administrative items, such as classroom assignments and academic advising, to policy and process issues, such as faculty and staff evaluations, creation or revision of academic programs, and strategic planning. Often, the Council is consulted for advice and input by other campus entities, such as faculty policy committees (e.g. Faculty Affairs Committee), the SCU Alumni Association, etc.


Chair's Timetable AY 2014-15  pdf         (Updated on October  22, 2014)
Deans' Assignments AY 2014-15 pdf      (Updated on September 22, 2014)



 Department / Program
  Chair / Director
  Michelle Bezanson
 Art and Art History
  Blake deMaria
 Biology   Elizabeth Dahlhoff
 Chemistry and Biochemistry
  Michael Carrasco
 Classics   Bill Greenwalt
  Paul Soukup, S.J.
 English   Terry Beers
  Juliana Chang
 Environmental Studies and Sciences
  Iris Stewart-Frey
 Ethnic Studies Program
  Ramon Chacon
 History   Arthur Liebscher, S.J.
 Liberal Studies Program
  Barbara Burns
 Math / Computer Science
  Glenn Appleby
 Military Science Program
  Major John Tiedeman
 Modern Languages
  Jill Pellettieri
 Music   Hans Boepple
 Philosophy   Shannon Vallor
 Physics   John Birmingham
 Political Science
  Dennis Gordon
 Psychology   Kieran Sullivan
 Public Health Sciences
  Craig Stephens
 Religious Studies
  Gary Macy
 Sociology   Jack Gilbert
 Theatre & Dance
  David Popalisky
 Women's and Gender Studies Program
  Laura Ellingson

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