Santa Clara University

Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences


Environmental Studies and Environmental Science majors must complete an environmental internship or directed environmental research. 
Qualifying experiences are: 
  • an internship at an environmental organization or research conducted under the supervision of a faculty member
  • minimum 100 hours of work (can be paid or volunteer)
  • related to the environment or environmental issues (working as a barista does not count)
  • meaningful work that develops job and/or life skills (more than just clerical tasks, phone canvassing, etc.)
The steps: (click on links for the forms you need)     
  1. Get your plan pre-approved by your ES academic advisor. This must be done no later than May 15th of your Junior year.
  2. Respond to the questions in this assignment to document and reflect upon your experience. 
  3. Confirm completion of your internship. 
  4. Bring your assignment and signed completion form to the first meeting of ENVS 198 Proseminar in fall quarter of your senior year.
Click on the bold red words above to be taken to the appropriate link.

Students planning to complete the Washington Semester through American University complete only step #1 above.

Contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about the requirements.

Finding an Environmental Internship 
SCU's Career Center keeps an up-to-date list of environmental internships and advice on green careers.

Click here to find additional internship opportunities, and see where other ESS students have interned. 

Directed Environmental Research 
Directed environmental research conducted under the direction of a SCU faculty member can qualify. This work might be paid, volunteer, or done for units (ENVS 199B, for example).   

Alternatively the research might be done as part of a study abroad experience, for example by completing the directed research course at School for Field Studies or Organization for Tropical Studies.


Interns of the ESS Department

Meet some Environmental Studies and Sciences students and learn about their internships!
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