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Gerald and Sally DeNardo Science Scholars 2011

The vision of the Gerald and Sally DeNardo Science Scholars program is to support the undergraduate research experience of outstanding science students with Santa Clara University faculty mentors. Scholars receive academic year and summer research awards, with additional resources for supplies and travel. The program is funded through a generous endowment created by Gerald and Sally DeNardo.


Fernando Meza Gutierrez, Class of 2011
Guy Hotson, Class of 2011


Katherine Bercovitz, Class of 2013
Dr. Patricia Simone, Associate Professor of Psychology
Katherine Bercovitz is studying the effects of environmental contextual cues and distributed practice on long-term memory retention in older adults (over the age of 60) in an associative memory task. Future findings hold important implications for the aging population, especially as advice for students in continuing-education classes and those wanting to maintain high levels of cognition.

Amanda Dewey, Class of 2013
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