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Dolores LaGuardia, Director

Thanks to the Provost’s generous funding, writing at SCU now has a physical identity, both venue and vision…a venue where undergraduate students will be trained as writing partners (peer tutors) and as teaching assistants, a vision by which the needs and accomplishments of all SCU writers (students, faculty, and staff) will be supported and celebrated.

Supporting SCU writers and writing includes graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and staff working on special projects or assignments who come to the HUB to work individually with specially trained writing partners.  To become a HUB writing partner, students must take English 191A: Practicum for Writing Tutors, which also meets Advanced Writing requirements in the New Core.

191:A is an important opportunity not just for students wanting to work at the HUB but also for English majors and minors interested in tutoring English abroad or in teaching writing in high school.

This Fall, Simone Billings will teach the practicum; Winter quarter, Jill Gould will.

As its name implies, English 191:A will provide students with all kinds of practical understanding of how we write and how we teach writing but built on a solid understanding of composition theory and writing pedagogy.  Students will explore best writing center practices and various teaching and learning theories as applied to composing and editing as well as to language acquisition. Determined by the students’ own interests, research project topics range from English as a Second Language error analysis to the relative importance of grammar to sustainability issues related to writing centers to needs analyses at local high schools.

Students interested in becoming HUB writing partners or simply in wanting to know more should contact Dolores laGuardia, HUB Director at or at 408-393-8999.
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