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Letter from the 2009-2010 Department Chair

      The first issue of The Quill appeared in 1997. At the time, Professor Diane Dreher was the English department chair, and she wrote in that inaugural issue about “a year of creative change and accomplishment for our department.”

      Thirteen years later we are still marking “creative change” in the department, revamping courses to fulfill our obligations to the new core curriculum, reviewing the structure of our major to serve better our students, and reshaping our newsletter to take advantage of online possibilities. Beginning this year, The Quill will no longer appear in print. One reason, of course, is the rising costs of printing and mailing in an environment of shrinking resources. But another—and better—reason is that by becoming digital we have the potential to foster a closer community of English faculty, students, and alumni. If nothing else, we will be able to post department news, student achievements, and alumni milestones more often and with fewer constraints.

       This first all-digital version of The Quill will look familiar to those of us used to the print version. Some of the same features appear here as always, news of student awards, updates on department programs and initiatives, faculty achievements. We intend forthcoming versions will make much more creative use of the medium, and mark another accomplishment for our department.

                                                                    Terry Beers
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