Santa Clara University

Phone: 408.551.7096
Location: St. Joseph's Hall
Room number: 206

Dr. Christine Montgomery

Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer

Christine Montgomery is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of English at Santa Clara University. Transnational in approach, her research and teaching explore discourses of race, gender, performativity, and freedom in nineteenth-and twentieth-century American and African-American literature along with contemporary Anglophone Caribbean literature. Christine earned the PhD in Literature at UC Santa Cruz and the BA in English at Santa Clara University. Courses taught include The Harlem Renaissance, Slavery and the Literary Imagination, and Contemporary Black Women Writers.

Her current book project Arna Bontemps and the Neo-Slave Narrative: Comparative Freedom, Temporality, and Slave Revolt, argues for a revisionist periodization of neo-slave literature as well as a reorientation away from a US-based literary history that has been dominated by the mode of realism and toward a more comparative view defined by the geography and history of the Caribbean.

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