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The Department of Classics encourages students to explore their particular interests in Classics through conversation, class discussion, essays and papers. Every student majoring in Classics also writes a senior thesis, the culmination of a two-quarter project (CLAS 197A and B) in the senior year. These capstone projects can be on any classical topic of the student’s choice, and students are guided by regular meetings with a faculty advisor throughout the twenty weeks.


Capstone Projects for 2013-2014
  • Augustus and Livia as Ovid's Jove and Juno in the Metamorphoses
  • Conflict, Change, and Continuity at the Danube
  • For the Excitement of Virtue and Defense of the Homeland: The "Praefatio in Athleticam" of Paulus Hector Mair's De Arte Athleticam
  • Anatomy of a Usurpation: Revisiting Henry IV's Legimitating Language in the "Record and Process"
  • Understanding the Suicide of Sophocles' Ajax
  • Monogenesis among the Major Greek Gods
  • There is a Method to Galen's Madness
Here are some titles of theses from recent years:
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