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Classics Courses for 2013-2014

Monday, Jul. 29, 2013

Professor Greenwalt will be offering a new course on Numismatics this fall, MWF 10:30-11:35.
CLAS 115 / HIST 139. This course will study how the minting of coins changed the western world politically, sociologically, and economically.  It will use the minting of ancient coins to investigate ancient economies and the political structures from which they emerged.  Technical aspects of the minting of coins will be addressed, as will the artistic achievements of ancient engravers.
CLASSICS COURSES for 2013-2014
Fall 2013
CLAS 1: Elementary Latin I (2 sections)
CLAS 11A: Heroes and Heroism (2 sections)
CLAS 21: Elementary Greek I
CLAS 75: Classics in Cinema
CLAS 101: Intermediate Latin
CLAS 108: Ancient Greece
CLAS 115: Numismatics
CLAS 134: Roman Satire (Petronius)
CLAS 154:  Herodotus
CLAS 194A: Senior Thesis I
Winter 2014
CLAS 2: Elementary Latin II
CLAS 11A: Heroes and Heroism (2 sections)
CLAS 11A: Natural Law in Literature
CLAS 12A:  Heroes and Heroism (2 sections)
CLAS 22: Elementary Greek II
CLAS 41: Scientific Etymology: Word Workshop (2 units)
CLAS 109: The Hellenistic Age
CLAS 180: Ancient and Modern Laughter
CLAS 138: Special Topics in Latin Prose: Suetonius
CLAS 152: Homer: Odyssey
CLAS 197B: Senior Thesis II
Spring 2014
CLAS 3: Elementary Latin III
CLAS 12A: Heroes and Heroism (2 sections)
CLAS 12A: Natural Law in Literature
CLAS 23: Elementary Greek III
CLAS 43: Movie Fun—Clashes of the Titans (2 units)
CLAS 65:  Classical Mythology
CLAS 68: Ancient Roman Religion
CLAS 141: Love and Relationship in Classical Antiquity
CLAS 132: Horace
CLAS 156: Greek New Testament
CLAS 178: Topics in Classical Culture

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