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New and Returning Classics Faculty in 2012-13

Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012

Classics is happy to welcome Rachel Knudsen (Ph.D. Stanford) as our Quarterly Adjunct Lecturer for 2012-13.  Professor Knudsen has taught Greek and Latin language at all levels as well as a wide variety of ancient literature in translation, and has supervised several undergraduate research theses. Her research interests include Homer, Archaic poetry, and ancient rhetoric; she is particularly interested in the representation of speech across all genres of ancient poetry and prose. She will be teaching sections of Cultures and Ideas I: Heroes and Heroism, as well as a course on Classical Mythology.

We are also delighted to welcome back for a second year Carolynn Roncaglia (Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley) as our Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer in Ancient History. Professor Roncaglia's research interests include Roman history, Greek and Latin epigraphy, and Greco-Roman Egypt. She will be teaching our ancient history sequence, which this year includes courses on the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. In fall she is offering a reading course in Latin prose, and she will be teaching the second half of our Heroes and Heroism C&I sequence.

The most moving news this year is the Classics has a new home! Our house on Franklin Street is scheduled to be demolished, and we have moved to a nice, house on Lafayette, the former home of Environmental Studies. Come visit us in our new digs!

In other faculty news, Associate Professor Mick McCarthy, SJ, continues his duties as the Executive Director of the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education at SCU. Associate Professor Scott LaBarge will be teaching a C&I section of Heroes and Heroism as well as his course on Socrates. The department is extremely happy to welcome back Professor William Greenwalt to full-time teaching for Classics, as he has finished up his tour of duty as Director of Honors, Fellowship, and the LEAD Scholars Program. Assistant Professor Dan Turkeltaub begins his third year in a tenure-track position, teaching both halves of a C&I sequence, upper-division Greek and Latin, and his new course on Justice. Senior Lecturer John Dunlap will be teaching the elementary Latin sequence, his C&I sequence on natural law, and Medieval Latin in spring. Professor John Heath is teaching his new course on Sex and Religion in Ancient Greece, as well as Classical Myth in the Western Tradition in winter (with a sabbatical in spring). And in the BIG news department, Associate Professor Helen Moritz begins phased retirement this year, teaching the elementary Greek sequence and serving as Acting Char in spring (some retirement!).

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