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Megan Tichy


Megan Tichy 2
Office: Daly Science 202B 
(408) 551 3230

Degree Information

B. S. Chemistry, State University of New York (SUNY); 1999
Ph.D. Chemistry, Texas A&M University; 2004 


Chemistry: An Experimental Science Lecture and Laboratory (CHEM 5, 5L)
Chemistry for Teachers Lecture and 
Laboratory (CHEM 19, 19L)
General Chemistry I Lecture and 
Laboratory (Chem 11, 11L)
General Chemistry II Lecture and 
Laboratory (Chem 12, 12L)
General Chemistry III Laboratory (CHEM 13L)

Organic Chemistry I Lecture and Laboratory (Chem 31, 31L)

Organic Chemistry II 
Lecture and Laboratory (Chem 32, 32L)
Organic Chemistry III Laboratory
(CHEM 33L)

Curriculum Development

2015 - Penstemon Project: Sustainability Across the Curriculum. Summer grant for incorporating a sustainability project into the CHEM 5 and CHEM 19 curricula


Bell, S. A., McLean (Tichy), M. E., Oh, S-K., Tichy, S. E., Zhang, W., Corn, R. M., Crooks, R. M., Simanek, E. E., Synthesis and Characterization of Covalently Linked Single-Stranded DNA Oligonucleotide-Dendron Conjugates. Bioconjugate Chem. 2003, 14, 488-493


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