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Alan Dafforn



Daly Science 204A

Degree Information:

B.A. Harvard University 1966
Ph.D. UC Berkeley 1970


General Chemistry I (Chem 11)  Syllabus

Organic Chemistry Laboratory (Chem 31, 32, 33)

Recent Publications

Dafforn, A., Chen, P., Deng, G. Y., Herrler, H., Iglehart, D.M., Koritala, S., Lato, S. M., Pillarisetty, S., Purohit, R., Turner, L., Wang, M., Wang, S., and Kurn, N. (2007).  Ribo-SPIA((TM), a Rapid Isothermal RNA Amplification Method for Gene Expression Analysis.  In A. Carmen and G. Hardiman, Eds., Biochips as Pathways to Drug Discovery (pp. 261-279).  Boca Raton, Fl:  CRC Press.

Kurn, N. and Dafforn, G. A.  (2005).  Methods for analysis of Nucleic Acid Methylation Status and Methods for Fragmentation, Labeling, and Immobilization of Nucleic Acids.  U.S. Patent Application US 20050208538 A1.

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