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Undergraduate co-authors underlined

  1. Kyle W. Tubbs, Vincent T. Nguyen and Thorsteinn Adalsteinsson, "Phase Transitions of n-hexadecane in Nanoencapsulated Binary Solutions of n-Hexadecane and 1-Octanol." Journal of Physical Chemistry - B, 2012, 116(13), 3945-3960
  2. Emilee L. Sena, Justin H. Peel, Devin Wesenberg,  Shreya Nathan, Marianne Wallis, Maxwell J. Giammona, Thorsteinn Adalsteinsson, Brian J. McNelis, and Richard P. Barber, Jr., "Transport and spectroscopic studies of the effects of Fullerene structure on the efficiency and lifetime of polythiophenebased solar cells." Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 2012, 100, 192-198
  3. Martinolich, A.J.;* Park, G.;* Nakamoto, M.Y.;* Gate, R.E.;* Wheeler, K.E. Differential impact of silver nanoparticles and their dissolution ions on metalloprotein function. Environmental Science and Technology, 2012, 46 (11), 6355–6362.
  4. Wheeler, K.E.; Erickson, B.K.; Mueller, R.; Singer, S.W.; VerBerkmoes, N.C.; Hwang, M.; Thelen, M.P.; and Hettich, R.L. Metal Affinity enrichment increases the range and depth of proteome identification for extracellular microbial proteins Journal of Proteomics Research 2012, 11 (2), 861‐70.
  5. Brent M. Harvey and Patrick E. Hoggard, "Determination of micromolar concentrations of strong acids in chloroform by protonation of tetraphenylporphyrin", Monatshefte der Chemie 143, 1101-1105 (2012).
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