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   undergraduate coauthors underlined

  1. Fuller, A. A.; Seidl, F. J.; Bruno, P. A.; Plescia, M. A.; Palla, K. S. Use of the Environmentally Sensitive Fluorophore 4-N,N-Dimethylamino-1,8-Naphthalimide to Study Peptoid Helix Structures. Peptide Science 2011, 96, 627-638.
  2. Pace, C. J.; Huang, Q.; Wang, F.; Palla, K. S.; Fuller, A. A.; Gao, J. A FlAsH-Tetracysteine Assay for Quantifying Orientation of Transmembrane a-Helices. Chembiochem 2011, 12, 1018-1022.
  3. Adalstainsson, T.; Fette, E.V.; Pham, A.; Black, J.K.; Tracy, L.E.; Roche, C.P. and Pesavento, J.B.Nagarajan, " Synthesis of Oil Core/Polymer-Shell Particles via Miniemulsion Templating" in  Amphiphiles:  Molecular Assembly and Applications.  ACS Symposium Series 1070, Ramanathan, ed. 2011
  4. "Medium Effects on the Direct Cis-Trans Photoisomerization of 1,4-Diphenyl-1,3-butadiene in Solution," Jack Saltiel, Talapragada R. S. Krishna, Kritapas Laohhasurayotin, Yanjun Ren, Kathleen Phipps, Paul H. David, and W. Atom Yee," The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2011, 115(11), 2120-2129.
  5. Abbyad, P; Dangla, R; Alexandrou, A; Baroud, CN (2011) Rails and Anchors: Guiding and Trapping Droplet Microreactors in Two Dimensions. Lab on a Chip  11 (5), 813 – 821
  6. Fradet, E; McDougall, C; Abbyad, P; Dangla, R; McGloin, D; Baroud, CN (2011) Combining rails and anchors with laser forcing for selective manipulation within 2D droplet arrays. Lab on a Chip  11, 4228-4234
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