Santa Clara University

Biology department

Biotechnology Requirements

Biotech Minor Advising form (pdf)

The following courses will be required:

BIO 21, 24, and 25: Introductory Biology courses.
CHEM 11, 12, 13, 31 & 32:General and Organic Chemistry
BIO 175: Molecular Biology
BIO 189: Topics in Cellular and Molecular Biology (3 units)
BIO 171: Ethical Issues in Biotechnology (3rd religion)
BIO 198: Internship (typically done during the summer of your junior year)

Students will also be required to take one of the following intensive laboratory courses:
BIO 176: Biotechnology Lab I - Recombinant DNA
BIO 177: Biotechnology Lab II - Cell Culture & Protein Analysis
CHEM 143: Biochemistry Laboratory

Students will also be required to take at least one elective course from the following list:
BIO 110 (Genetics)
BIO 113 (General Microbiology)
BIO 174 (Cell Biology)
CHEM 141 (Biochemistry).

Sample schedule for completing program requirements: (This does not include other courses that may be required for any particular major)

Freshman Year
Fall: Chemistry 11 & Biology 21
Winter: Chemistry 12

Sophomore Year
Fall: Chemistry 31 & Biology 24
Winter: Chemistry 32 & Biology 25
Spring:Upper division Elective (ex: Bio 110)

Junior Year
Fall: Biology 171 & 175
Winter or Spring: Biology 176 or 177
Summer: Internship

Senior Year
Fall: Biology *189
Winter or Spring: Upper division elective
*Note: Bio 189 will be offered each year, but the quarter will vary.


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