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Kathleen Maxwell


Educational Background

Ph.D. 1986 The University of Chicago, Department of Art, Chicago, Illinois
(with honors) Major field: Byzantine and Medieval Art
M.A. 1977 The University of Chicago, Department of Art, Chicago, Illinois.
B.F.A. 1974 Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Art History.
1972-1973 University of Aberdeen, Scotland (Junior Year Abroad)
1970-1972 Denison University, Granville, Ohio.


ARTH 11A and 12A: Art, Power, and Propaganda
ARTH 11H and 12H: Art, Power, and Propaganda
ARTH 21: Introduction to the Arts of Ancient and Medieval Europe
ARTH 22: Introduction to the Arts of Early Modern Europe
ARTH 23: Introduction to the Arts of the Later Modern West
ARTH 104: Greek Art and Architecture
ARTH 106: Art and Architecture of the Roman Republic and the Early Empire
ARTH 110: Early Christian and Byzantine Art
ARTH 114: Early Medieval Art
ARTH 112: Art of the Book
ARTH 116: Romanesque and Gothic Art


Dissertation: Paris, Bibliothéque Nationale, Codex Grec 54: An Analysis of the Text and Miniatures. Adviser: Robert S. Nelson.

Master's Thesis: Stylistic and Iconographic Observations on the Evangelist Portraits of the Coronation Gospels of Charlemagne. Adviser: Herbert L. Kessler.


Between Constantinople and Rome: An Illuminated Byzantine Gospel Book (Paris gr. 54) and the Union of Churches. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, 2014.

"Another Lectionary of the ‘Atelier’ of the Palaiologina, Vat. gr. 352." Dumbarton Oaks Papers 37 (1983): 47?58.

"Armenian Additions to a Greek Gospelbook: Brescia, Biblioteca Civica Queriniana A.VI.26." Revue des études Arméniennes 25 (1994-5): 337-352.

"A Textual Source for the Prophet Zone of the Parma Baptistry Cupola." Acts of the XVIIIth International Congress of Byzantine Studies, Selected Papers, Moscow 1991, vol. III: Art History, Architecture, Music, editors in chief: Ihor Sevcenko and Gennady G. Litavrin, corresp. ed.: W. Hanak (Byzantine Studies Press, Inc., 1996), pp. 180-192.

"The Lower Wall Lunettes of the Parma Baptistry: The Identity of the Subject of the Missing Lunette and Iconographical Connections with the Cupola Program." Arte Cristiana, January/February 87 (1999): 5-16.

"Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Codex Grec 54: Modus Operandi of Scribes and Artists." Dumbarton Oaks Papers 54 (2000): 117-138.

“The Afterlife of Texts: Decorative Style Manuscripts and New Testament Textual Criticism.” In Byzantine Images and their Afterlives: Essays in Honor of Annemarie Weyl Carr, ed. Lynn Jones, 11-38. Farnham: Ashgate, 2014.

On-line Publication:
“The Iconography of the Narrative Cycle and the Evangelist Portraits of Paris, BnF, gr. 54,” is chapter 5 of my dissertation (Paris, Bibliothéque Nationale, Codex Grec 54: An Analysis of the Text and Miniatures.” This is the only chapter from the dissertation that is not addressed in my book. See:

Works Accepted for Publication:
Co-authored Chapter (with Annemarie Weyl Carr): “Illustrated New Testament Manuscripts and Gospel Books.” In Byzantine Illustrated Manuscripts, ed. Vasiliki Tsamakda. (This is a volume in a new series to be published by Brill called A Companion to Byzantine Studies.)

Book Chapter: “Deluxe Greek Gospel Books and the T&T Mss. Clusters Tool from INTF” in The New Testament in Byzantium, eds. Robert S. Nelson and Derek Krueger in conjunction with Dumbarton Oaks Byzantine Studies Symposium of the same title (April 26-28, 2013).

Curriculum Vitae

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