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Karen Fraser

Assistant Professor

Educational Background

Ph.D., Stanford University, Art History
M.A., University of South Florida, Art History
B.S., University of Miami, Communications and Art History


ARTH 11A & 12A C&I: Contact Zones, Arts East and West
ARTH 23 Art and Revolution: Europe and the U.S. 19th-20th Centuries
ARTH 26 Buddhas, Buildings and Beauties: Theme and Style in Asian Art
ARTH 160 East-West Encounters in the Visual Arts
ARTH 161 Photography in Japan
ARTH 162 Visual Culture of Modern Japan
ARTH 163 The Japanese Print


Modern Japanese visual culture circa 1850-1960, particularly photography production and reception within Japan; the relationship of photography to class, gender, regional, and national identity; the uses of photography in international exchange; women in Japanese visual culture; cross-cultural interactions and influences between Asia and the West; museum and exhibition history in Japan and the West.

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