Santa Clara University

Department of Art and Art History


The Department of Art and Art History facilities include full ceramics and sculpture fabrication studios, a state-of-the art computer lab, well appointed lecture hall, and a complete black and white photography studio and darkrooms.

  • Ceramics
    Ceramics students enjoy a 1,500 square foot studio with 24-hour access. We provide hundreds of unique and distinguishing low fire glazes. Our kilns include four top loading electric kilns, two Alpine gas kilns, and two kilns dedicated to Raku firing. In addition, we have throwing wheels and a variety of tools used for manipulating and forming clay.
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  • Computer Lab

    The Multimedia Art curriculum prepares students for careers in commercial and fine arts through state-of-the-art technical equipment and classes ranging from digital imaging to animation.

    Equipped with 15 iMacs, 5 Mac Book Pros, operating with OS X Leopard.
    Video post-production, photography, and design software: Maya, Final Cut Pro, Second Life, Adobe Creative Suite 3, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, After Effects, and Lightroom.

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  • Drawing

    Classroom is equipped with 18-foot high ceilings, receiving great sunlight. Students are granted 24-hour access.

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  • Lecture Room
  • Main Hallway
  • Painting

    Classroom is equipped with 18-foot high ceilings, receiving great sunlight. Students are granted 24-hour access.
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  • Photography

    Along with innovative digital photography courses offered in the computer lab, traditional tray processing techniques are taught in the black and white darkroom. The facility includes an RC print processing machine, ten enlargers, film drying machine, several large sinks for regular silver and alternative non-silver print processing, light tables, mounting presses, and matte cutters. Also houses a Macintosh computer and high quality ink-jet printer. The photography studio is an ideal location for setting up shoots and it contains tripods, professional fluorescent lights, backdrops, reflectors and stands.
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  • Sculpture

    The sculpture facilities are stocked with equipment and tools for working with both metal and wood media.
    • Metal fabrication: mig welder, oxy-acetylene welder, large metal roll, metal brake, beverly shear, metal plasma cutter, fabrication table, and a medium size english wheel, as well as a large assortment of hand tools.
    • Wood shop: 10-inch auto shut-off table saw, under-throat capacity band saw, planer/joiner, drill press, belt/disc sanders, carving tools, and a large range of hand, electric, and air tools.
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  • Upstairs
  • Paella in the Courtyard
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