Santa Clara University

Department of Art and Art History

Studio Art - Curriculum and Pedagogy

Goal 1. Revise the Studio Seminar so that it serves as a true capstone course for the studio major.

  • 1a. Make the Studio Art Seminar a required course for Studio majors.
  • 1b. Re-evaluate past Studio Art Seminar offerings and design a curriculum that includes professional practices such as development of an artist's statement, documentation of work, etc.

Goal 2. Make critical analysis an integral part of every studio class.

  • 2a. Encourage frequent and rigorous critical evaluation of artwork through required written and oral exercises.
  • 2b. Final critiques should involve one or more other professors from the department.
  • 2c. Incorporate a challenging critical evaluation component into the Studio Art Seminar.

Goal 3. Offer a range of courses that satisfies the needs of beginning and advanced students in the appropriate learning environment.

  • 3a. Re-evaluate current practice of offering combined lower division and upper division ARTS courses.
  • 3b. Research/track course offerings and related practices at comparable institutions.

Goal 4. Ensure that students can demonstrate a good understanding of copyright law.

  • 4a. Encourage all studio faculty to include the U.S. Copyright Office's website on their syllabi.

Goal 5. Offer a range of courses that explore new and/or interdisciplinary art forms.

  • 5a. Develop new courses such as "Printmaking with a Digital Toolbox," "Digital Darkroom," "3-D Modeling and Animation," etc.


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