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Anthropology Newsletter 2015  (click to read)



For Dr. Matt Jobin the biggest and most important event was the April publication of his anthropologically-informed, middle grade fantasy novel THE NETHERGRIM, the first of a trilogy published by Penguin Random House. The development and publication of this, his first fiction series, has been the culmination of the lifelong dream, and it has been especially enjoyable to work elements of various disciplines of anthropology into the storyline. As Edmund, Katherine and Tom explore the ruins of a long-lost civilization, looking for clues that will lead them to the lair of a legendary monster in time to rescue Edmund's brother from certain death, they pass through many of the states of mind Matt once did when considering the evidence of human behavior, civilization and culture. Dr. Jobin is looking forward to releasing the paperback version of the book this February, and has nearly finished the sequel. Exciting times!



Mary Elaine Hegland's book, Days of Revolution: Political Unrest in an Iranian Village was published last year, and Mary gave talks about the book at Stanford, SJSU, and New York University as well as an Iranian women's group in the Bay Area. The book has since been reviewed in American Anthropologist and six other publications.

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