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Dear Reader,

Following are entries submitted by AIMES colleagues concerning their recent publications and various activities, projects, and travels in which they’ve been involved.



I rec'd a Hamad bin Khalifa fellowship in Islamic Art with which to attend an int'l conference on Islamic art, which will be held in Cordoba in early November. Also my book, Becoming Venetian: Immigrants and the Arts in Early Modern Venice will be released by Yale University Press in the Spring. The focus is Venice (obviously) but does deal with the Middle East as well.




Mary Elaine Hegland has recently published several articles based on her research in Iran and Tajikistan, and among Iranian senior citizens of the Santa Clara Valley: 2008, "Modernization and Social Change: Impact on Iranian Elderly Social Networks and Care Systems," Anthropology of the Middle East 2(2): 55-74, with Zahra Sarraf, MD, Shiraz University, School of Medical Sciences, and Mohammad Shahbazi, Jackson State University, School of Public Health; 2008, “Esmat Khanum and a Life of Travail: 'God, You Yourself Help Me.'" Pp. 57-68, in Francis Trix, John Walbridge and Linda Walbridge, eds, Muslim Voices and Lives in the Contemporary World. New York: Palgrave Macmillan; 2008,” A Discourse of Complaint: Precursors to a Mass Women's Movement in Tajikistan?" L'HOMME, Pp. 47-65. Special issue on Gender Politics in Central Asia: Historical Perspectives and Current Living Conditions of Women; 2009, “Losing, Using, and Crafting Spaces for Aging: Iranian American Seniors in California's Santa   Clara    Valley." Pp. 301-323, in The Cultural Context of Aging, Worldwide Perspectives, Third Edition, ed. Jay Solokovsky. Westport, CT: Bergin & Garvey; and 2009, “Educating Young Women: Culture, Conflict, and New Identities in an Iranian Village.” Iranian Studies, Journal of the International Society for Iranian Studies. Special Issue on Gender and Sexuality 42(1):45-79. Hegland has also presented her recent fieldwork in Iran in talks and conference papers: “Women and Power in 'Aliabad’: Climbing out of Gender, Sexual, and Generational Hierarchies,” and (in Persian) Tahavolaat-e ejtemaa’i dar Aliaabaad bein-e do doraan: Az roostaa dar 1357 va 1358 taa shahr-e kuchak va markez-e edaari az 1384 taa 1389 (Social Change in Aliabad Between Two Periods: From Village in 1978 and 1979 to Town and Administrational Center in 2003 to 2008), as part of the UCLA Middle East Center’s Persian Bilingual Lecture Series, on Sunday, February 22 and Wednesday, February 25, 2009; and “Marriage Modifications: Opportunities and Challenges in an Iranian Village,” and “ Tahavolaat-e ejtemaa’i dar eztevaaj, arusi, va khaanevaadeh: Aliaabaad bein-e do doraan” (Social Change in Weddings, Marriage, and Families: Aliaabaad Between Two Periods) at the conference on “The Politics of Marriage in Contemporary Iran,” held at the UCLA Gustav E. Von Grunebaum Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Friday, October 23 and Sunday, October 25, 2009.




Michael Kevane (Economics) presented a paper, “Macroeconomic issues confronting Sudan in the transition to 2011” to a European Union Institute of Security Studies workshop, “The Future of Sudan”, Paris, June 2009.  Michael is also running an occasional blog on Sudan, at




In celebration of the "Arab Heritage Month" in San Francisco Bay Area in October 2009, Fayeq Oweis (Modern Languages) received a Community Award from the Arab Cultural and Community Center for his "Outstanding contributions to enhancing the Arab Narrative." Additionally, he received a Certificate of Recognition from the State of California   Senate for his "dedication to serving the Arab American Community."

Also, Fayeq's book "Encyclopedia of Arab American Artists. Artists of the American Mosaic" (Greenwood Press, 2008) has won an Honorable-Mention Award in the Arab American Book Award for 2009 given by the Arab American National Museum (AANM).





Pinault’s new book, Notes From the Fortune-Telling Parrot: Islam and the Struggle for Religious Pluralism in Pakistan, has been published by Equinox (London).


In May-June 2009, Pinault pursued two research projects in Yemen, one with the Zaydi Shia population, the other with the Christian “house church” community in Sanaa.


Recent articles:

David Pinault.  “Wildlife Rescue in the Archipelago: The Work of ProFauna Indonesia.”  Bali Advertiser (Indonesia), May 6-20, 2009, p.10.


David Pinault.  “Zaynab bint ‘Ali,” in John L. Esposito, ed., The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World.  New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.  Vol.6, pp.47-48.






Journal Articles


“Sovereignty over Jerusalem: A Legal Solution to a Disputed Capital” with Marina Mankaryous, International Journal on World Peace Volume XXV Number 4 (2008), pp. 113-134.


"A Turbulent Transition: The Army National Guard and Army Reserve’s Movement to an Operational Reserve" (with Michael Lynch), Journal of Political and Military Sociology Volume 36, Number 1 (2008). pp. 65-84. 


Professional Activity


2009 “Information Technology and the Construction of Moral Reasoning, Empathy, and Affect: Crossing Time, Space, and Attitudes” with Mali Mann and Marina Mankaryous, presented to the International Conference on Science in Society, Cambridge University, UK




Grant, Conflict Resolution Simulation Middle East, Foundation for Global Community, Summer 2009, funding for seven trips to the Middle East for the study and practice of conflict resolution.


University Nominee, WISE Award for Educational Innovation offered by Qatar Foundation, United Arab Emirates (Summer 2009).


Grant, Jesuit Universities’ Humanitarian Action Network, Bannan Institute, (funded May 2009), to create a simulation on the reaction to the Darfur crisis in the Sudan that will be shared with Jesuit Universities in North America.


Travel to Lebanon and Syria, summer 2009

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