Santa Clara University

Modern Languages and Literatures department

Following are the requirements for completing a minor in Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies:

A.) Courses relating to Middle Eastern and Islamic cultures: Students must take a total of six courses (two lower-level and four upper-level) from at least three different departments.  No more than two courses may be counted for AIMES credit from the department in which a student majors.  A maximum of three courses for AIMES credit may be taken from any one department. 

---Courses that satisfy the AIMES Middle Eastern/Islamic cultures requirement include the following:

88 Women and Gender in the Middle East
156 Anthropology of Muslim Peoples and Practices
188 People, Culture, and Change in the Middle East


137 Arabic Culture and Identity

Art History
121 Venice and the Other in the Renaissance
164 Islamic Art, 600-1350 CE

128 Literature of the Middle East and the Islamic World

57 Rajas and Sultans in Medieval India
142 The Modern Middle East and North Africa
154B State, Religion, and Gender in Medieval India
154C Colonial India
158 Islam in the Modern World

193 Seminar on Africa and the Middle East

Modern Languages and Literatures

FR 114 Literatures and Cultures of the Maghreb
FR 116 French Orientalism: The Representation of Otherness in Literature, Cinema and Visual Arts

Political Science
139 Religion and Politics in the Developing World
142 Politics in the Middle East

Religious Studies
SCTR 19 Religions of the Book
SCTR 125 Quran Interpretation
SCTR 126 Sufi Mysticism
RSOC 18 Religion and Culture: Egypt
RSOC 71 Women in Contemporary Middle Eastern Muslim Societies
RSOC 81 Islam
RSOC 82 Shia Islam

RSOC 154 The Islamic Jesus
RSOC 190 Islam: Reformation & Modernity
RSOC 190R Contemporary Islam

B.) Arabic language 
Three quarters of Arabic are required.  Alternatively, as other relevant languages—eg, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish—become available for study at SCU, a year of elementary-level study of one of these languages may be substituted for Arabic, in accordance with the given student’s area of interest.  Students with prior knowledge of a relevant language may take a test that certifies that they have fulfilled this requirement.

Arabic 1 and 21 - Fall Quarter
Arabic 2 and Arabic 22 - Winter Quarter
Arabic 3 and Arabic 23 - Spring Quarter

C.) Senior project in Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies
In lieu of one of the six required courses in Middle Eastern and Islamic cultures, students may elect to do an independent study/reading course on a project in consultation with a member of the AIMES Faculty Advisory Council.  This project may entail fieldwork with local Islamic and diaspora Middle Eastern communities in the Bay area.  Faculty in SCU’s Local Religion Project may be a resource for such projects.

 D.) Study Abroad
Students enrolled in the AIMES minor are strongly encouraged to participate in SCU-approved study abroad programs that pertain to Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern studies.  Before enrolling in any such program, students should check with the director and faculty members of the AIMES minor as well as SCU’s International Programs Office concerning the use of study-abroad courses for fulfilling requirements for the AIMES minor.

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