Santa Clara University

Modern Languages and Literatures department

Interdisciplinary Minor in Arabic, Islamic, and Middle Eastern Studies (AIMES) - Faculty Affiliates:

Cynthia Baker, Religious Studies

Laure Bjawi-Levine, Anthropology
Dr. Laure Bjawi-Levine is a cultural anthropologist whose main regional focus is the Arab World (North Africa and the Near East). Her research interests draw on methodologies and approaches ranging from post-colonial issues such as ethno-religious identities, nationalism, migration and displacement to broader human rights and development issues in relation to global processes in the Arab World. Her field research took her to Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, the West Bank and Jordan. In Amman, Jordan, she explored among Palestinian urban refugee camp dwellers the ways in which human rights and children rights are being used as a tool for development by NGOs and have become reformulated by refugees into a local discourse. Currently, she is planning to work with recent Iraqi refugees and migrants to Jordan and focus on the impact of international conflict on the experience of new displaced communities in complex metropolitan centers such as Amman.

David DeCosse, Director of Campus Ethics Programs, Markkula Center for Applied Ethics

Blake de Maria, Art & Art History

Leslie Gray, Political Science

Eric Hanson, Political Science

John Hawley, English
John C. Hawley is Professor and Chair of the English department, and teaches postcolonial literature and theory.  He has edited The Postcolonial Crescent: Islam’s Impact on Contemporary Literature, and his chapter “Jihad as Rite of Passage” will soon be published by Routledge.  He recently participated in an NEH summer seminar at Georgetown University’s Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding.

Mary Hegland, Anthropology

Michael Kevane, Economics

Fabio Lopez-Lazaro, History

Sharmila Lodhia, Political Science

Cynthia Mahamdi, English

Yahia Mahamdi, Communications

Fayeq Oweis, Modern Languages & Literatures
Fayeq S. Oweis, Lecturer of Arabic in the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures at Santa Clara University, received his Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentration on Arabic and Islamic Studies focusing on Creative & Visual Arts.  He has been teaching Arabic language and culture at Santa Clara University since 2005, and has taught at San Francisco State University for four years. Oweis has published Pocket Guide to Arabic Script and has written a number of articles and gave numerous presentations on the Arabic language & culture, Arab American Artists, Arabic Calligraphy, and Islamic art.  He is also an Artist specializing in Arabic Calligraphic Compositions and had exhibited his work throughout the United States.

David Pinault, Religious Studies

David Pleins, Religious Studies

Farid Senzai, Political Science
Farid Senzai is a lecturer in the Political Science department at Santa Clara University where he teaches courses on U.S. Foreign Policy and Middle East Politics. He is also a Fellow and Director of Research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU). Prior to joining ISPU, Mr. Senzai was a research associate at the Brookings Institution where he researched U.S. foreign policy towards the Middle East. In addition, he was a research analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations where he worked on Muslim politics. He has also served as a consultant for Oxford Analytica and the World Bank. Mr. Senzai received his MA in international affairs from Columbia University and is completing his Ph.D. in political science at Oxford University.  For more information, check

David Skinner, History

William Stover, Political Science
William Stover, professor of political science teaches international relations and international law.  He has created an on line, interactive  simulation that brings together individuals from the Middle East, Europe and North America for conflict resolution activities. Another of his sites helped Muslims, Jews and Christians  to discuss on line the morality of Middle East conflict.  Both sites may be found at  "CRS Middle East" and "Dialog of Faith".

Homa Zarghamee, Economics

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