Santa Clara University

Career Center

Volunteer and Service

  • sccapVolunteer Through SCU

    SCCAP, Arrupe Placements, and immersion trips are excellent volunteer opportunities through SCU.

  • recycleNational Volunteer Opportunities

    Service experiences may be short or long term and may include social activism, social change, and community service opportunities.

  • volunteerInternational Volunteer Opportunities

    Volunteer for anywhere between a few weeks to a year or more. While many programs are costly, there are also programs (often faith-based) which include room and board in exchange for volunteering. Meet with a career counselor to discuss your options.

  • handsNational Year of Service Programs

    Post-grad, paid experiences that generally last ONE year, depending on the program.

  • internationalserviceInternational Year of Service Programs

    Post -grad, paid experiences that generally last TWO years, depending on the program.

  • socialFellowships in Public Service

    Fellowships in Public Service, Public Policy, and Public Affairs are excellent post-graduate opportunities for civic engagement and leadership development. Search for “fellowships” in the keyword box on

  • career-fairSCU Career Fairs

    Representatives of non-profit organizations attend our quarterly Career Fairs to recruit students for a variety of paid and unpaid internships and jobs, as well as volunteer opportunities.

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