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Resumes: Samples, Tips, FAQs

A resume is a brief document that should include a summary of your education, skills, abilities, and accomplishments that are relevant to the qualifications that an employer is seeking. Be sure to keep your resume concise, well formatted, free of errors, and emphasize relevant experiences and accomplishments that are targeted to the industry and position for which you are applying.

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Sample Resumes

Undergraduate Resumes Graduate Resumes
pdficonsm Accounting Firms pdficonsm Counseling Psychology New Grad
pdficonsm Anthropology / Nonprofit pdficonsm Counseling Psychology Current Student
pdficonsm Nonprofit
pdficonsm Teaching, Single Subject
pdficonsm Art
pdficonsm Teaching, Multiple Subject
pdficonsm Athlete pdficonsm Theology
pdficonsm Biology pdficonsm Theology 2
pdficonsm Business pdficonsm Engineering Experienced
pdficonsm Communication pdficonsm Engineering Not Experienced
pdficonsm Engineering
pdficonsm Freshman
pdficonsm Music Performance
pdficonsm Theatre Performance


Alumni Resumes
pdficonsm Arts & Science
pdficonsm Arts & Sciences Experienced
pdficonsm Business Finance
pdficonsm Business Experienced
pdficonsm Engineering
pdficonsm Engineering Experienced


Resume Tips



Frequently Asked Questions

  • iconHow many pages should my resume be?

    Keep your resume to 1 page. Recruiters are busy and expect resumes to be concise, well formatted and relevant to the position you are applying to.

  • iconI’ve never had any work experience, so how do I write a resume?

    Don’t underestimate the value of your educational experiences. Your degree and related coursework are important qualifications that meet the requirements for many entry-level professional positions. Consider highlighting your academic experience and achievements. You may want to add sections like: Relevant Coursework, Projects, Lab Experience, Honors/Awards, and Senior Thesis.

  • iconI haven’t worked because I’ve been so busy with my on-campus activities!

    Great! These activities count! Recruiters tell us they look favorably on extra-curricular experiences. Your resume will focus on your accomplishments and responsibilities in your club or organization. Highlight your contribution and transferable skills. Activities might include: student government, athletics, residence life, campus ministry, student newspaper, academic or cultural clubs, or a sorority or fraternity.

  • iconI went to SCU and I have four years of volunteer experience but no REAL experience!

    Your demonstrated skills and experiences as a volunteer count just as much as any paid professional job. Help the reader to understand your responsibilities as well as the impact, results, and contributions you made in the volunteer position(s) you held. Your volunteer experiences can usually be included under the Experience section of the resume.

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