Santa Clara University

Career Center

Preparing for the Interview



Know Yourself

Identify your top 3 to 5 strengths (hard or soft skills) that are required for the position. Read the job description carefully. Research similar positions if the description is unhelpful.


Know Your Examples

For each of the skills/strengths that you have identified, prepare 2 or 3 concise stories that prove you’re not just bragging. Build CARs.



Know the Employer

Review the company's website, follow the company on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and talk with the company's employees (You can use LinkedIn to find alumni that work at specific companies). You may also use the University library databases, such as Factiva. Understand the company's products and services and integrate what you know into your interview.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Sign up for a mock interview in the Career Center. Call 408.554.4421 to schedule an appointment.

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