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Co-Op Course Information

While on your co-op assignment, you are expected to perform your duties and responsibilities in a professional manner as a representative of Santa Clara University. All scheduled work assignments are to be completed in a timely and satisfactory manner and participation in the program is a benefit and may be denied to anyone not meeting requirements or following guidelines. Individual cases and unique situations are subject to interpretation by the Co-op Coordinator and the School of Engineering. It is your responsibility to follow all guidelines and failure to do so could affect your grade and result in loss of course units or rejection from the program altogether.

The following course requirements need to be completed in a satisfactory manner and turned into the co-op program coordinator in order to receive a grade of pass.

Training Plan (step 6):

Once you have begun working, please schedule a time to meet with your supervisor and complete the Cooperative Education Training Program worksheet together. Please submit the completed form to the Co-op Coordinator within two weeks of starting your employment.

Final Report (Step 7):

The Co-op Report is a chance to reflect on your work both technically and personally. In order to receive a passing grade or before arrangements will be made for a new co-op, you must submit this report to the Co-op Coordinator two weeks BEFORE the last day of your approved co-op.

Report Guidelines:


Please complete the necessary procedures provided for exiting staff by the employer. Remember that the connections you have made during your co-op experience may be references for you in the future. Please note that choosing to terminate prematurely or leave a co-op without speaking to the co-op coordinator is not accepted. Please see important policies for more information.



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