Santa Clara University

Career Center

Important Policies

Only paid co-ops will be accepted by the Co-op Program.

Compensation must be in the form of actual monetary wages that are greater than or equal to the current minimum wage in the State of California.

Co-ops involve a 3-way partnership between the student, the employer, and the Co-op Program. When the student has an F-1 Visa, this becomes a 4-way partnership that includes International Student Services. Important decisions affecting a co-op must be made with the full knowledge and agreement of all the parties involved before any changes are made.

Students are expected to complete co-op assignments according to the requirements established by the Co-op Program and stipulated in the employer's offer letter and job duties/responsibilities. International students with an F-1 Visa must also adhere to the rules established for them by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

Choosing to prematurely terminate or leave a co-op is not acceptable. Consequences for doing so include:

  • A negative grade
  • Forfeiture of any refund on tuition and fees
  • Disqualification of further participation in the Co-op Program
  • Placing one's visa status in jeopardy (for international students)

All fees for the Co-op Program are determined by the Bursar's Office and the School of Engineering.

Unique situations that arise will be subject to interpretation by the Assistant Director for Experiential Education and the School of Engineering.

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