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On-Campus Jobs

  • iconHow many students have an on-campus job?

    There are approximately 2000 active student jobs on campus.

  • iconDo students need to have a workstudy award to find a job?

    Typically there are about 400 work-study students, but a work-study award is not required for many jobs on campus.

  • iconHow many hours per week do students generally work?

    All students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week for all on-campus jobs combined while school is in session. The schedule of hours will depend on the department’s need.

  • iconWhat kinds of jobs are available for students on campus?

    Almost every department on campus hires students. There is a wide variety of jobs available ranging from life guard positions to research assistant positions.

  • iconWill on-campus supervisors be flexible with scheduling?

    On-campus supervisors tend to be more flexible with schedules than outside employers. Students can work as little as a few hours a week up to 20 hours. Schedules are based on the department’s needs, but many supervisors understand of students’ workloads.

  • iconWhere should my student look for a job?

    Positions are posted online through Broncolink. IDs and passwords can be obtained through the Career Center.

  • iconWhat is the likelihood of students finding a job?

    Many students are successful in finding a job on campus. It is a good idea to visit the Career Center to obtain assistance and guidance during their job search.

  • iconHow much do student employees make per hour?

    The pay range for on-campus employment is minimum wage up to $15/hour. Positions that require special skills and abilities tend to offer rates that are higher on the pay range.

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