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  • undefinedGreen Careers

    Are you looking to make a difference in your career?  Do you want to contribute to the lives of future generations?  Are you committed to protecting the environment?  If so, a green career might be for you.  
  • undefinedGovernment Careers

    Did you know that the federal government is the largest employer in the nation and that over 80 percent of federal jobs are outside the Washington, D.C., area? Did you know that the State of California will hire 70,000 employees serving 150 agencies in the next five years? Government jobs exist for your every interest in local, state, and federal government, around the country and the world.
  • Work Abroad

    Would you like to spend a summer interning in Spain? Do you dream about volunteering in El Salvador? Are you hoping to start your professional career in another country?

  • Careers in Biotechnology

    Are you interested in making a contribution to science and society? Regardless of your major, there is a place for you!

  • Explore Health Care Careers

    Health Care is one of the largest industries in the United States, employing more than 13.5 million people. The number of jobs is expected to increase by 27% through 2014 (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Take advantage of SCU resources to explore your interests in health care.

  • Social Entrepreneurship

    Social entrepreneurs are instrumental in producing transformational changes to benefit disadvantaged communities and society as a whole. Social entrepreneurs apply business principles to create financially sustainable organizations that address the world's pressing needs. Take advantage of SCU resources to develop your social entrepreneurship competencies!

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  • Resume Basics

    Employers may only have 30 seconds to review your resume. How will you stand out? Listen to this short webshop for advice.

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  • undefinedNetwork Your Way to Success

    Did you know that 80% of jobs are found through connections? Don’t hide behind the internet when researching careers and opportunities!
  • undefinedStand Out in Your Job Search

    Learn unique strategies to build your professional online presence so that recruiters can Google your name and find you. Identify ways to network with professionals in your field of interest. Understand how to develop a thorough job search strategy.
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