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MARCH 2014
  • virtual consulting projectsVirtual Consulting Projects for Students

    By Elizabeth Krishnan, Associate Director

    Consulting projects posted by employers as online “challenges” are an emerging space for students to understand the application of their major and demonstrate their value to employers. Students may engage in projects such as developing an algorithmic visual system to track endangered rhinos, uncovering the health benefits of whole grains, devising a way to boost voter turnout, or proposing ways to make the lives of nurses easier in the operating room. Read More>>

  • professional development studentsStudents’ Professional Development is a Four Year Process

    “Survey results released last week show a ‘significant’ gap between the opinions of business and higher-ed leaders on how prepared today’s college graduates are for the workforce.” While this quote begins a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed (3/7/14), it could be the first sentence of many recently published studies on the preparation of college graduates for work. Read More>>

  • why do employers hire scu grads?Why Do Employers Hire SCU Grads?

    Wednesday, April 16, 11:45 – 1:00. Williman Rm., Benson. RSVP

    Hear from a panel of recruiters in non-profit, high tech, construction, medical devices, consulting, and retail, share why Santa Clara University is a target school for their recruitment. Learn what they value in our grads, what makes a candidate stand out, and trends they’re noticing among recent grads in the workplace. This event is for those:
    • who are interested in SCU outcomes and the story behind our graduates’ success in the workplace
    • who are involved in students’ professional development and would like to understand what employers look for in our students • who are cultivating employer relationships and wanting to understand what criteria recruiters consider when selecting “target” schools
    Lunch provided. Please RSVP

  • resume2_1Sample Resumes by Discipline

    Do you ever advise students who need help with their resumes? Check out our sample resumes online.We offer resumes for athletes and also freshmen, as well as resumes for science, engineering, performing arts, accounting, and non-profit. We also provide resumes for the graduate and alumni populations that we work with. While certain rules apply to all undergraduate students’ resumes (1 page, formatting that allows for a quick scan, focus on accomplishments and skills), there is also variation in what experiences students choose to highlight according to the field they are pursuing.

  • vocationProfessional Development Labs for the Classroom

    Integrate one or more of our popular labs into your class to help your students discern their interests, translate their experiential learning into accomplishment statements, and develop a customized job or internship strategy. Check out our 60-minute, interactive and content rich labs.

  • ideaInteresting Facts


Most Attractive University Attributes According to Our SCU Students
(Universum Survey, 585 SCU undergraduates, 2013)

Attractive University Attributes
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