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At the top left of the calendar page are four tabs: Day, Week, Month, and Summary. These tabs allow you to change the view that you are seeing. Day view shows a single day and allows you to view specific details about events. Week and Month view allow you to view a snapshot of a larger period of time, and you can click on the name of an event in order to view its description. Summary view allows you to view events for the month in a list view, which you might prefer. The events calendar saves which view you were looking at last, so when you return it will be on whichever view you last used.

If you perform a search, a fifth tab will appear, called "results". Once you search, this tab will stay visible to allow you to return to your search results if you navigate around the calendar.

Day Navigation

At the top right are several buttons that will assist you in navigating the calendar. First is the "today" button, which will cause the calendar to jump to today, no matter where you are. It will not change the 'view', which means that if you are in "week" view you will simply jump to this week.

To the right of the 'today' button are left and right arrows surrounding a select menu that has time intervals. The default time interval is "2 Weeks", which means that if you push the left arrow you will jump back two weeks, the forward arrow forward two weeks. You can change the value in the select box to change the interval that you are jumping. It will allow you to jump from as little as one week to as much as 6 months at a time. Another convenient way of navigating the time you are viewing is in the right column, described in the next section.

Search Features

You can search the calendar using the search feature at the top of the page. There are three text boxes in the search options. Enter the text that you want to search for in the first box. The second and third boxes allow you to narrow your search to specific dates by entering a 'from' and 'to' date, respectively. If your browser has scripting enabled, when you click on either of the two date boxes a small calendar date picker will appear. Click on a date in the small calendar and the date will be entered in the box for you. This is shown in the illustration at the right. After you search, you will notice a new tab at the top titled 'results'. This allows you to navigate back to any other view (day, week, month, summary) and still easily return to your search results.

Day/Summary details View

The day, summary, and search results view display event in a two column format, shown at the right. In the left column is a list of events. If you are in day view, this will simply be a list of events happening that day. In search results view it will be a list of events that matched your search. Either way, you can view details of an event by clicking on the title or short description (highlighted in the illustration). This will cause the calendar to load the specific details for the event into the right column.

Note: if you would like to post a link to a specific event, click on the "link to this event" link in the bottom of the description. This will cause the page to reload with a URL that will point back to that specific event.


It is recommended that you enable javascript in your browser for the best experience in using the SCU campus events calendar. If you don't know whether you have scripting enabled, you can tell by the presence of the right column when you load the page. If you have scripting enable, it will initially be hidden. If not, you will see it when you load the page.

How can I enable/disable javascript?
Instructions on how to enable or disable javascript in your browser can be found here

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