Santa Clara University

Leadership Competency Certificate

The Leavey School of Business implemented a leadership competency requirement several years ago. This competency was implemented in order to support the University’s mission of “educating leaders for a just and humane world.” We also wanted to provide a opportunity for business students to explore their own leadership views while learning from both corporate and non-profit executives.

In the winter quarter of their first year, all business students are required to take BUSN 71 (Foundations of Leadership) as an introduction to the concept of leadership. This is followed in the spring quarter of the first year with BUSN 72 (Business Leadership Skills) to develop their own leadership skills.

Students who transfer to the School of Business with 44 units or more will take MGMT 174 (Social Psychology of Leadership) in lieu of BUSN 71/72.

Students wish to earn an official certificate of Leadership Competency complete BUSN 173 (Leadership Experience) where they have the opportunity to reflect on their leadership experiences and learn how to translate those experiences to the business world upon graduation.

For questions about the program contact Brenda Versteeg, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Business Programs, at

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