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We recruit our team of LSB Peer Advisors for the next academic year in the spring quarter of each year.

The recruitment process for 2015-16 is closed. Please come back in March 2016 for the 2016-17 academic year.

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Peer Advisor Job Description

Peer Advisors serve the Leavey School of Business community on a volunteer basis.  Some of the benefits of becoming a Leavey School of Business Peer Advisor include:

  • Development of leadership skills and the opportunity to fill an Executive Board role in the following academic year.
  • Providing a valuable service to your group of assigned students.
  • Real-world service, leadership and problem-solving experiences that can be shared as talking points and examples in job interviews.
  • Specialized training in Leavey School of Business and Santa Clara University academic requirements and regulations.
  • Earn 3 units of credit in BUSN 191 (1 unit each quarter)
  • A Get-To-Know-You Activity at the begining of the year (last year it was dinner at the Spaghetti FactoryA Thank-You party at the end of the year (last year we had a "blast" at LaserQuest).
  • A free Peer Advisor polo shirt and other goodies.


  • Must be a student in the Leavey School of Business
  • Must have a cumulative GPA 0f 3.0 or Better
  • Must have the intention to take classes on campus at Santa Clara University through at lease June of the academic year. (No study abroad or early graduation)
  • Must have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and an ability to maintain confidentiality.

Job Description

Trained Peer Advisor will work with assigned students throughout their first academic year and help them answer the academic and social questions common in the first year.  Specific responsibilities include:

  • Develop a friendly relationship with your assigned group of 10-15 incoming first year students. Communicate/meet with assigned students on regular basis during the first year, as a means of helping them adjust to college, navigate scheduling/registration issues, understand core requirements and academic regulations, and understand university resources.
    • Contact assigned students at least once during summer prior to arrival on campus.
    • Meet and/or communicate with assigned students at least once per quarter to find out how things are going and if they need any help/referral.
    • Be responsive to assigned students' communication with you (this means answering promptly, typically within 24 hours).
    • In coordination with the Faculty Advisor, meet individually with assigned students at least once during Annual Academic Advising period in May, provide course planning and scheduling advice for fall quarter registration, and arrange for release of advising hold.
    • Refer advisees to Faculty Advisor or other appropriate university faculty/staff as needed.
  • Attend and participate in Peer Advisor Training in the week prior to the start of fall quarter. (Early move-in available for students who also participate in Welcome Weekend move-in activities).
  • Mandatory enrollment in BUSN 191 - LSB Peer Advisor practicum. This is a P/NP class which meets for an hour and a half every other Monday evening (5:30 - 7:00 PM) of each quarter. We will utilize this time together to accomplish the following objectives.
    • Continue ongoing Peer Advisor training and review pertinent and timely SCU and LSB advising information.
    • Participate in activities to build communication and mentoring skills
    • Participate in team- building activities and develop as a team.
    • Share and learn from everyone's advising experience.
    • Facilitate conversations to improve the LSB Peer Advising Program.
  • Facilitate group meeting of assigned students and Faculty Advisor during 3rd week of Fall quarter to discuss advisor contact information, and advising resources.
  • Represent the Leavey School of Business as a student ambassador at selected university events such as Preview Days, Parent’s Weekend, etc.
  • Become familiar with academic regulations, and university and business core requirements as contained in the Leavey School of Business Advisor Manual and the University Bulletin, and other university resources for referral purposes.
  • Provide coverage of the Peer Advisor office (Lucas Hall 115) by maintaining two scheduled office hours per week for one quarter in the academic year.

Executive Board Member Job Descriptions

All Executive Board members

All members are responsible for leading the Peer Advising program under the supervision of the Advising Coordinator. The Executive Board meets weekly to keep up-to-date on activities, events, business curriculum changes etc.


  • Participate in all meetings, activities, and trainings regarding the Peer Advisor Program
  • Plan and organize Peer advisor training and events
  • Maintain regular contact with and act as liaison for your group of peer advisors
  • Conduct meetings with your group of peer advisors
  • Be present at Leavey School of Business sponsored events
  • Coordinate and lead initial training program
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