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Advising — Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my academic advisor?
Your academic advisor is a member of the faculty who has been assigned as your advisor. You can find out the name and email address of your academic advisor in the Student Records section of your eCampus account.

How do I know if a course meets one of my requirements?
You can refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin and Core Curriculum documents, contact your Academic Advisor, ask a Peer Advisor, contact Connie Rice in the Undergraduate Business Programs Office, or contact a representative in the Drahmann Advising Center.

Can I take a prerequisite course at the same time I take the course it is a prerequisite for?
No, prerequisites must be successfully completed prior to enrollment in the secondary course. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have met all required prerequisites. Prerequisites can be found in the footnotes section of the Schedule of Classes each quarter.

What is my cohort year?
A cohort year determines which courses you must complete for your various requirements. If you enter Santa Clara University as a fist year student your cohort year for your university core and business core requirements will coincide with your year of entry as a fisrt year student.

If you are a transfer student, you may choose between the university and business core requirements listed in the bulletin in effect on your entry into Santa Clara or the university and business core requirements listed in the bulletin in effect the year you would have been a freshman based on the number of transfer units accepted toward your Santa Clara degree.

For all students, the cohort year for your major requirements is the fall quarter of the academic year you declared the major.

How should I prepare for a meeting with an advisor?
Prior to meeting with an advisor, print a copy of your transcript and degree audit through your e-campus account. Use it to update a Requirements Checklist and bring both documents to the advising session. Make it a valuable encounter for both you and your advisor by being prepared.

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